VAC has a reputation for being one of the worst anti-cheats in all of online gaming. Some signs show that CS:GO’s anti-cheat is improving or possibly something more significant is coming to the decade old game.

CSGO VAC Increase in Daily Bans

Recent Increase in Daily Game Bans

If we look at the VAC and Game bans on Convars throughout 2022, the first half (January – June) is consistent and plateaus. The first spike appeared on July 16th, 2022, with 4,187 game bans and a combined 7,051 for that weekend. Game bans have remained far higher than before the spike on the 16th.

We can see another massive spike on September 16th, 2022, reaching 4,310 bans in only a day. The number of game-banned accounts has risen from the previous average of around 100 to 200 each day to an astounding 500 to 1,500 daily bans. 

Daily Bans CSGO Convars

Why is this Happening?

The developers of CS:GO have made some changes to the ranking system and have increased the number of suspicious accounts placed in the low trust factor group. This change should help decrease the likelihood of accounts with a great trust factor coming across cheaters.

Many others suspect the increase in bans is a sign of the long-awaited release of the Source 2 engine to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve could be fine-tuning its new anti-cheat system and prepping the game for its largest update. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait and only time will tell.

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