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We appreciate your patience and will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

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  1. Partnerships and listings on our website
    • For any inquiries regarding partnerships, website listings, or other business matters, please email us at the address provided above or send a direct message via our Twitter.
  2. Sponsorship requests
    • Currently, we are not interested in sponsoring content creators, organizations, events, or any other related endeavors.

Problems with external websites

  1. Error with website domain in Steam login
    • To prevent users from logging in to gambling websites through Steam, Steam frequently bans certain domain names. In response, these websites may create temporary domains or subdomains to allow users to continue logging in through Steam.
  2. Problems with depositing or withdrawing funds
    • If you are experiencing difficulties depositing or withdrawing on a website listed on SkinLords, we recommend trying to resolve the issue through the website’s customer support team.
    • If the issue is not resolved, please get in touch with us at the email address provided above. While we cannot provide refunds or prioritize your support request, we may consider removing the website from our listing if the issue poses a potential risk to other users.
  3. Failure to receive the advertised bonus
    • If you have identified an error in our advertised bonus, please email us right away so we can correct the issue. Depending on the website, we may offer a reward for your assistance.
  4. Which bonuses do not require a deposit?
    • To prevent abuse of their bonus systems by bots, many websites require a small deposit before allowing you to withdraw your funds. This is a common practice to ensure the integrity of the site’s promotions.

Questions directed to SkinLords

  1. Analysis of reviews and ratings
    • Honest and reliable reviews are our top priority, and we strive to provide accurate and trustworthy information to our readers. With our extensive experience, we feel confident in our ability to create thorough and reliable reviews and ratings.
    • To ensure the integrity of our reviews, we take the time to speak with players, research the history and details of each website, and personally test the website. These are just a few measures we take to fully understand and evaluate the sites we review.
  2. A SkinLords account has added you on Steam or a social media platform
    • SkinLords staff will never add you on Steam for any reason related to SkinLords or giveaways. Our only social media presence is on Twitter under the handle @SkinLords, and we will announce and contact all giveaway winners through the same account.
    • If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from SkinLords through a different platform or account, they are attempting to scam you, and you should not provide any personal information or follow any links.
  3. An outdated review or blog post
    • If you come across an outdated review or piece of information on our platform, please don’t hesitate to email us at the address provided above. Depending on the issue’s importance, we may offer rewards as a way of thanking you for your assistance.
  4. Does SkinLords have any ownership stake in the websites listed on its platform?
    • No, SkinLords does not own or have any stake in any of the websites listed on our platform. However, we participate in affiliate programs with many of the websites listed, which allows us to monetize our website. This means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase or sign up for a listed site through one of our links or promo codes.