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  • Easy registration
  • Great game animations
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • Daily free bonuses
  • Live on-site chat
  • All withdrawals through CS2 skins
  • KYC verification is required to play games
  • There are no live dealer games or slots

All players are required to submit KYC verification to play games on CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Casino History

Killian, the founder of CSGORoll, initially launched his CSGO gambling site in 2016, making him a true veteran of the skin gambling scene. The site’s skin gambling experience is designed for users with Steam accounts who play to win CS2 skins. CSGORoll had to temporarly shut down after Valve’s Steam trading system in 2018 most notably introducing a cool-off period for trading skins. These changesled to CSGORoll redesigning the website with a major relaunch in early 2020.

Today, the website offers an impressive zero fee p2p skin trading market, original game offerings and many PVP game choices.

CSGORoll is known for their innovative array of promotions, and rewards. We recommend new users and existing players to check out the rewards CSGORoll offer. We recommend users to be active and on the look out for CSGORoll promo codes, bonus codes or referral code bonuses. Also keep an eye out for CSGORoll offers which often get posted during their frequent events, typically around major holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Summer, or Christmas.

In summary, CSGORoll is a vibrant skin gambling destination with a large community and the creative drive to remain on top of the game in an ever-changing environment.

  • Roulette Classic Gamemode

CSGORoll Online Games

  1. Go to using our provided link
  2. Sign-into CSGORoll
  3. Click on Rewards in the top menu
  4. Enter promo code LORDS
  1. Go to using our provided link
  2. Sign-into CSGORoll
  3. Click on Deposit in the top-right
  4. Click on the 5% Bonus button
  5. Enter code LORDS and apply

CSGORoll Promo Code and CSGORoll Bonus Code

We haven’t met any user of CSGORoll who wasn’t excited about the CSGORoll promo code lineup. Our analysts provide an overview of CSGORoll codes and bonus options like rewards.

CSGORoll has a Rewards page that allows users to enter their promo code and also lets them select daily free cases based on player rank. The value of your free case increases with the players’ rank. Players may claim free cases on a daily basis. CSGORoll states that leveling up should not be seen as an investment and that daily frees are prone to change at all times. Users with a promotional code should enter it on the Rewards page.

CSGORoll Online Games

In this section, we share a description and our assessment of CSGORoll’s various options for players to trade, play, bet, and ultimately win with skins. Keep in mind that CSGORoll positions itself primarily as a CSGO skins trading platform via player-to-player trades.

CSGORoll Trade features a zero fee P2P platform for a user to connect with other users in order to trade skins. The purpose of the trade is to obtain new skins to play with, not to make money. For this reason, CSGORoll does not allow crypto withdrawals or the resale of skins.

In this context, CSGORoll does not allow Real-World Trading (RWT), which refers to buying and selling skins outside the virtual gaming environment of CSGORoll. In order for a user to engage in CSGORoll Trades, they have to tick a checkbox to declare that they consent to this policy. While this approach ensures high compliance we found it cumbersome at times.

User Experience

CSGORoll is a classic in the skin gambling scene, which makes a great appeal to any CS:GO player. While the site is available in practically all countries of the world, its thorough approach via-a-vis compliance comes at the cost of ease of use. This starts with a rather cumbersome KYC during the initial sign-up and extends to skin withdrawals and consent pop-ups.

We found that the site has a link to eSports as a gaming category, which was non-functional at the time of our testing. Maybe a sign of even better time to come? We think so!

An overall positive user experience is founded in a very active and large global player community, with terrific rewards, bonuses, promotions and seasonal events that reward new players and longtime loyal players alike. In our view, it definitely is a reward to become part of CSGORoll’s community.

Deposit and Withdraw on CSGORoll

Players have the option to deposit real money (fiat currency), CS:GO skins, or a selection of crypto currencies.

CSGORoll does not support any sort of RWT (Real-World-Trading); hence, skins will always be sent via Steam trades.  Any skins that you win must not be sold or exchanged for cash, cash equivalents, or other things of value or the user will be banned. CSGORoll strictly enforces this policy, which, over time, has led to user complaints.

At CSGORoll, a user can withdraw CS:GO skins with a value of up to an equivalent of 1000 coins daily. This is on top of the user’s total deposited amount for the day. A user who go beyond this limit can withdraw more via a manual approval process.

We found user complaints because the way that this policy is enforced might impair the user experience to a certain degree. Most notably due to RWT pop-ups for user consent, the manual withdrawal process, or onsite account bans.

In some instances, the player may be unable to redeem the skins they have requested. In this case, CSGORoll will offer a full refund to the value of the item once the trade expires.

CSGORoll Community

CSGORoll maintains a lively chat. All user can post as long as they have deposited at least 100 coins. The chat is moderated in order to maintain CSGORoll’s standards. Bad behavior such as begging, spamming, provoking, posting threatening messages are muted.

Withdraw bots are strictly prohibited as it affects the experience of other users and creates unfair competition. Age verification upon sign up ensures that no underage players access the site.

Given that about half the players come from only 3 countries (United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden), the player community appears to be homogenous; everybody seems to be getting along well. We can testify great vibes.

CSGORoll is well known for its appealing affiliate program. Referral codes are available to anyone who wants to make some money when friends or family deposit on CSGORoll using referral codes on the code activation page.

Give your friends 3 free cases and a 5% bonus added to all their cash purchases. An affiliate with a referral code can earn up to 10% on any deposit when the referral code is used.

CSGORoll is a social site with a great community. This entices players to invite their friends, get them playing, and let them take advantage of CSGORoll’s many offers. Players with a referral code will profit each time one of their friends make a cash purchase when they use this referral code. Any earnings you make can be claimed and used to withdraw CS:GO Skins.

Legitimacy & Policies

The Operating Company is listed as Feral Holdings Limited with REG NO. 171,519 and an address at 9 BARRACK ROAD, BELIZE CITY, BELIZE.

Payment Agent Company is listed as Feral Entertainment (Cyprus) Limited, with an address at HE 388908, 1, AVLONOS, MARIA HOUSE, NICOSIA, 1075 CYPRUS 10389118T.

Feral Entertainment (Cyprus) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Feral Holdings Limited.

CSGORoll goes to great length not to be classified as a gambling website, casino lottery or any other form of gambling legally defined in the jurisdictions that they actively target. Instead, CSGORoll promotes itself as a skin trading site. For this reason, the website chose to forgo a gambling license.

CSGORoll strives to self-regulate in a somewhat unregulated market by introducing pertinent requirements such as KYC and AML and similar polices (see below). CSGORoll keeps informing the user that there is no monetary consideration for bet wins (money in any currency). The website has a reputation for strictly enforcing its terms of service and for banning players who won’t comply.

CSGORoll has long been suggesting that the best risk mitigation lies in the integrity of the platform, which they consider to solely be based on how responsibly the platform operates. We can certainly testify that the CSGORoll does their best to meet this goal.

CSGORoll enforces a range of policies that are intended to protect user and platformm. Most importantly, these include KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). The site also posts a privacy policy, a cookie policy, and a refund policy.

The practical effect of these policies is that users’ first deposit (their initial deposit) can only be made once the CSGORoll verified their data. This spans from email verification to verification of identity and address of new users. Once these steps are completed, the new user can access their account, make a first deposit, use a promo code or free coins, and so on. This way the website can quickly narrow their account base to legit users only.

All these policies are stated clearly to the user in the interest of full transparency. We have not seen many other sites that have more comprehensive policies in place.

CSGORoll uses secure site communication and protocols (HTTPS). The website has a valid certificate issued by Google Trust Services.

The website receives well over 4 million monthly visitors, according to SimilarWeb, making it one of the most popular skin gambling destinations on the Internet. Web traffic holds remarkably steady from month to month. The top 3 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Sweden) account for almost half the website’s traffic.

CSGORoll games are provably fair. The company uses SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit), a cryptographic hash function, for Crash, Roll, Dice, Quick Upgrade. Their PvP game modes Coinflip, Dice Duel, and Case Battles use EOS blockchain technology. Regardless if you open free cases, if you play with free coins, one coin, or much more – you can always verify that your bet was fair.

CSGORoll prides itself for being foremost fair and transparent in order to reduce risk for user and the site alike. This is why all the games are provably fair. Moreover, CSGORoll provides code and step-by-step instructions for users who want to independently verify the fairness of all the games that they play.

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