Facepunch Studios have added a Neon Storage Box skin collection as a flashy way to organize your loot in Rust. Many groups have previously used small signs to indicate where to store their loot, but these new skins make life far easier for groups that keep items organized.

Rust Storage Organization With Signs

How Rust Item Investing Works

The game Rust has an in-game item store with a unique selection of items for sale for a short amount of time. The skin is created by players purchasing the item through the item store, and the number of items in existence will depend on the number of items purchased through the sale.

Skins can also be unboxed using weapon crates, but these are rarely opened since it is challenging to profit from opening them. All of this means, if a Rust skin has more demand in the future, then the price should be higher in the future.

Neon Storage Boxes in Rust

Are Neon Storage Boxes a Safe Investment

The neon storage collection stands out as a skin collection that most players will want to own. The collection was not sold at once so there is an uneven amount of skins in circulation within the collection. The Neon Boom Storage skin currently has the lowest number of items for sale on the Steam Community Market.

As of the time of writing, all skins within the neon storage collection have since sold for more after their original sale on the Rust item store.

Which Skins Are Strong Buys

Given each skin’s current supply and use cases within the neon storage box collection, we selected the best boxes to buy as the Neon Ore Storage, Neon Scrap Storage, and Neon Meds Storage. These skins have the best use cases from the whole collection and a smaller supply than potential demand.

It is important to remember that these neat storage boxes are digital storage containers inside a game, so there is always an underlying risk in skin investing. Listed below are each recommended item’s sale price on the day of writing this article, (June 16, 2021).

Neon Ore StorageNeon Scrap StorageNeon Meds Storage

Every investment involves an unpredictable amount of risk. SkinLords writers’ are not financial advisers and do not claim to be financial advisers. Conduct your own research before making any decision.

4 Comments on “Are Neon Storage Boxes in Rust a Solid Investment?”

  • SaniK:

    still got any?

  • SaniK:

    The Neon Large Box skins are probably the best out of all of them, only problem is they don’t cover some items in the game; and for something purely cosmetic, they are too expensive! If they where a dollar ea I would get them all, not $10+ ea!

  • Rico Toet:

    im buying hundreds of each.. except Scrap/Boom i have a lot of each. I think it will be a great investment longterm with all boxes around 10-50$. I’m holding for 2years or so.

  • Farmerr:

    Great content! Keep up the good work!

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