Neon Storage Boxes allow a way more efficient way to organize your items in Rust, especially if you play in large groups. Instead of using signs, the skins have neon labels inscribed. Here is a list of every Neon Storage Box you can buy.

Rust Every Neon Storage Box

We recommend purchasing skins through SkinPort, where items commonly are discounted at fifteen to thirty percent of the Steam market price.

Neon Stone Storage
Neon Stone Storage Box
Neon Wood Storage
Neon Wood Storage Box
Neon Sulfur Storage
Neon Sulfur Storage Box
Neon Ore Storage
Neon Ore Storage Box
Neon Charcoal Storage
Neon Charcoal Storage Box
Neon Boom Storage
Neon Metal Fragments Storage Box

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Neon Guns Storage
Neon Guns Storage Box
Neon Armor Storage
Neon Armor Storage Box
Neon Ammo Storage
Neon Ammo Storage Box
Neon Tools Storage
Neon Tools Storage Box
Neon Clothes Storage
Neon Clothes Storage Box
Neon Meds Storage
Neon Meds Storage Box
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Neon Scrap Storage
Neon Scrap Storage Box
Neon Components Storage
Neon Components Storage Box
Neon Food Storage
Neon Food Storage Box
Neon Boom Storage
Neon Boom Storage Box
Neon Drop Storage
Neon Drop Storage Box
Neon Electricity Storage
Neon Electricity Storage Box

We hope you enjoyed our guide on every Neon Storage Box in Rust. Make sure to read more SkinLords guides to help you transform your gameplay.

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