Almost every Steam sale event has had an exploit that gave users more rewards than initially designed. The 2020 Steam Summer Sale was no exception to this trend, and users quickly found a way to give themselves an insane amount of rewards for free.

2020 Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale 2020 rewards users 100 points for every $1 they spend on games. Users can spend these points on various Steam cosmetics, including; profile backgrounds, new animated cosmetics, badges, and different chat items.

The discovered exploit gave users an almost infinite supply of points to spend at the shop, but everything in the shop was purely cosmetics so no users could receive a financial gain.

Steam Summer Sale

How the Exploit Worked

Performing the exploit required two Steam accounts and Steam funds on what would be their main account. The only way users could get summer sale points was by purchasing games on the Steam store, so the exploit requires them to buy a game as a gift to their alternate account.

By doing this, the Steam summer sale would have awarded them 100 points for every dollar they spent on the game. Now, this all makes sense for Steam, but here is where the exploit comes into place so that the user could get all the points for free.

The user doing the exploit would now log into the account for which they purchased the game, and they will receive a notification of the new gift they received. Rather than accepting the gift, declining it returns all funds spent on the game to the main account. On the other hand, the points do not get refunded, and all issues are kept after declining the gift.

The only limiting factors you are going to have, is you can only give to the same Steam account a limited number of times over a short period of time.

The Spiffing Brit (YouTuber)

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We couldn’t find an example of a user generating a record amount of points from this exploit alone, but we expect many users took advantage of it to become loaded in Steam cosmetics. An exploit has occurred in almost every special Steam sale event, and there will likely be many more exploits in future sales.

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