While many items in Counter-Strike 2 serve a useful purpose in the game, there are some items that have close to no practical value. Despite this, some players still purchase these items as a sign of status or to show off their wealth to others. Here are some examples of useless items in CS2.

Top 5 Most Useless Items in CS:GO

Tradeable Case Keys

Before October 2019, case keys in Counter-Strike 2 could be purchased from Valve and then re-sold on the community market for a similar price. These keys became a popular form of currency for traders to exchange skins for cash. However, in an effort to crack down on money laundering operations, Valve disabled the ability of purchased keys to be marketable or tradable.

While previously tradeable keys can still be traded, they have become rare, and their prices have increased significantly beyond the standard $2.50 price offered by Valve. As a result, case keys have become more of a collector’s item than a useful in-game item, as they are too volatile to be used as currency and are not worth the cost to open cases.

Tradable Case Keys CSGO

Previous Operation Passes

When you activate an operation pass in Counter-Strike 2, you receive a displayable coin to show that you participated in the operation. You can upgrade this coin to different rarities by completing challenges, but this is only possible while the operation is active.

In the past, the prices of operation passes have increased significantly, especially for older passes that are no longer available. This is because some wealthy players activate old passes to display rare operation badges on their CS2 profiles. These badges have become a status symbol, and as a result, the prices for operation passes have soared to extremely high values.

Operation Passes CSGO

StatTrak™ Swap Tool

The StatTrak Swap Tool is an item in Counter-Strike 2 that allows players to transfer StatTrak kills from one weapon to another. However, it is not a commonly used item because it can only switch kills between the same type of weapon (for example, from one AK-47 to another AK-47) and does not make a non-StatTrak item become StatTrak. As a result, most players have seen the StatTrak Swap Tool but have never used it.

StatTrak Swap Tool CSGO Item

Bonus Rank XP

The Bonus Rank XP item was introduced in Operation Riptide in Counter-Strike 2 as a way for players to earn extra XP towards increasing their rank. When players complete five operation missions, they receive a 5,000-point Bonus Rank XP item that can be redeemed for XP.

While the item is useful for its intended purpose, many collectors choose not to redeem the bonus XP to have a strange item within their CS2 inventory.

Bonus Rank XP CSGO

Pins and Genuine Pins

Pins in Counter-Strike 2 are collectible achievements that can be displayed on your profile for other players to see while you are in a match. Some pins can be purchased or unboxed from Collectible Pins Capsules Series, while Genuine Pins can only be obtained by attending a Valve-sponsored event. Genuine Pins are similar to regular pins, but they are not tradeable or marketable. Collecting pins is popular among some players, and they can be a way to show off your accomplishments or show your support for a specific event.

Displayable Pins CSGO
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We hope you found our guide on the most useless items in Counter-Strike 2 informative. If we missed any important skins or items that you think should be included in this list, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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