The Low Poly Rust armor skins take the regular Rust armor appearance and transform it into a sleek, minimalist version with shiny geometric shapes. These shapes catch and reflect light in fascinating ways, giving the armor a distinct and eye-catching style. Although not all core armor pieces have a low poly skin, we’ve found the best alternatives that fit this theme.

Each armor skin of this set was once available in the Rust item shop for an incredibly affordable price of just $0.99 per piece, and so far, they haven’t strayed from a dollar on the Steam community market.

Low Poly Skins Rust Armor Set

We recommend purchasing skins through SkinPort, where items commonly are discounted at fifteen to thirty percent of the Steam market price.

Low Poly Helmet
Low Poly Helmet Rust Skin
Low Poly Hoodie
Low Poly Hoodie Rust Skin
Low Poly Metal Facemask
Low Poly Metal Facemask Rust Skin
Urban Ice Jacket
Urban Ice Jacket Rust Skin
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Low Poly Vest
Low Poly Vest Rust Skin
Low Poly Pants
Low Poly Pants Rust Skin
Caravanner Gloves
Caravanner Gloves Rust Skin
Loot Leader Boots
Loot Leader Boots Rust Skin
Low Poly Metal Chestplate
Low Poly Metal Chestplate Rust Skin
Low Poly Kilt
Low Poly Kilt Rust Skin
Hardsuit Roadsign Gloves
Hardsuit Roadsign Gloves Rust Skin
Black Bandana
Black Bandana Rust Skin

We hope our Rust guide about the Low Poly skin gear set was helpful. If we missed any important alternative skins or if you have any opinions to share about this armor set, please leave a comment!

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