The Hardsuit skins, a recent addition to the Rust item store, come with sleek armored plates over gray clothing. Although these plates are just for looks, they catch the light well and give the armor a medieval look.

While many Rust armor pieces have a Hardsuit skin, not all do. We scoured and discovered the top alternative skin for these armor pieces that match the Hardsuit’s aesthetic.

Hardsuit Skins Rust Armor Set

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Hardsuit Helmet
Hardsuit Helmet Rust Skin
Hardsuit Hoodie
Hardsuit Hoodie Rust Skin
Hardsuit Facemask
Hardsuit Facemask Rust Skin
Urban Ice Jacket
Urban Ice Jacket Skin
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Hardsuit Vest
Hardsuit Vest Rust Skin
Hardsuit Pants
Hardsuit Pants Rust Skin
Arctic Wolf Gloves
Arctic Wolf Gloves Rust Skin
Hardsuit Boots
Hardsuit Boots Rust Skin
Hardsuit Chestplate
Hardsuit Chestplate Rust Skin
Hardsuit Kilt
Hardsuit Kilt Rust Skin
Hardsuit Roadsign Gloves
Hardsuit Roadsign Gloves Rust Skin
Black Bandana
Black Bandana Rust Skin

We hope our Rust skin guide for the Hardsuit armor set was useful for you. If you have suggestions for a different alternative skin or thoughts on this armor, please let us know in the comments.

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