Having many external tool cupboards around your base in Rust will stop random players from building into your compound or building a close raid base. For example, if you want a compound with large furnaces smelting materials, you need external TC’s around your base.

Finding Areas Without Building Privilege

To place a tool cupboard next to a base, you need to find an area with no building privilege. Building privileges span around 8 square building blocks from the last building.

See how the building privilege disappeared as I got further away from my base.

Rust Base Building Privilege's Comparison

Building an External TC and Putting in Upkeep

The single triangle design is more efficient than a square design because it uses one less wall, meaning fewer needed materials for upkeep and the cheaper cost for building it. For example, place two walls on a triangle foundation and place a tool cupboard. After the upkeep is inside, then you can fully seal it off.

It’s recommended to put enough upkeep for the external TC to last the entire wipe. If you don’t have those materials, then you can place a wall with a window cut-out and add a reinforced window to seal it off. Of course, you can always pick up the reinforced window to add more upkeep, but this addition will increase the cost to build an external TC.

External TC vs. Multi TC

Some players may confuse ‘external TC’ and ‘multi TC.’ These are various things that serve entirely different purposes. Builders can connect external Tool Cupboards to their base, which will add an anti-griefing defense in raids. However, this is a connected external TC, which does not mean the base is multi-TC.

A multi-TC base will use unique tactics to have numerous tool cupboards in one base. There is usually a central Tool Cupboard for the base’s inner core, then extra attached TC’s to cover the outer shell of the base. Making a multi-TC base is best for clans who want to reduce the amount of upkeep for their main Tool Cupboard, which makes filling the upkeep far easier long term.

Learn how to build connected external TC’s to your base to stop players from griefing your base.

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