Adding a connected external tool cupboard to a Rust base will stop most raiders from griefing a base. Depending on how the externals are set up, they can make grief a base infinitely more expensive, which may save your wipe from being ended due to a raider who decided to grieve.

What is an example of griefing a Rust base?

A player with building privilege can grief a base by blocking necessary entry points with walls or deployable items such as doors. Griefing aims to make the base unusable to the original base owners.

Connecting an external tool cupboard

Adding external tool cupboards to take over building privilege in a raid requires a lot of building space. The external TC will have a very close foundation to the base through a specific combination of squares and triangles.

1. Eight square foundations from the base

Start by going eight blocks out from the side of the base with squares, then place a triangle foundation at the end. Keeping these foundations at twig is essential since they will be removed later.

How to Multi-TC in Rust
Adding Connected External TC's in Rust
2. Creating the perfect gap

Without breaking the triangle foundation, remove each twig square foundation until you are back at the base. Go back to the triangle, and place triangle foundations until the base stops you. You can remove all triangle foundations, except the triangle directly next to the base.

Rust External TC Half Moon After Squares
3. Placing the external TC

You can now upgrade the triangle next to the base as it shouldn’t be removed. Various builds can be done from the triangle for placing the tool cupboard. However, the most basic design is five squares with a triangle for the tool cupboard.

External Tool Cupboard Rust
Connected external TC in action

If the central tool cupboard in the base is broken, any connected external tool cupboards will take over the building’s claim. This means your base is safe from being griefed, that is unless the raiders decide to blow into the connected externals.

Rust Anti-Grief Tool Cupboard

To stop players from building into your compound or building near your base, view our guide on how to place external TCs correctly in Rust.

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