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  • The website has a well-designed layout
  • A variety of unique games are available
  • Supports withdrawals in cryptocurrency and traditional currency (fiat)
  • Live on-site chat
  • There are no live dealer games or slots
  • Operates without a gaming license

Players receive a free daily reward and can join rain events if KYC verification is completed.

ClashGG at a Glance

ClashGG is a skin and crypto gambling platform for the CSGO and CS2 gamer communities. Its Counter-Strike skin gambling game portfolio includes Cases and Case Battles, as well as some more generic games like Dice, Plinko, or Roulette. The platform’s functionality, gaming experience, and rewards structure are largely identical to its sister site, RustClash, of which ClashGG is a reskin. Players can choose from many deposit methods, including Steam skins from CS and other games, gift cards, and fiat and crypto, making ClashGG an overall well-rounded betting site. The platform offers a variety of payment options.

Although ClashGG is a relative newcomer to the CS gambling space, it has quickly gained a large, active player base and a solid reputation as a top platform. This is due in part to the perfect timing of its launch, coinciding with the release of CS2, and a well-designed platform with unique contests, attractive promos, and rewards. We recommend checking out the site for yourself. Creating an account and activating the welcome bonus should be easy, and you can enjoy a few rounds of CSGO skin gambling.

  • ClashGG Home Landing

Claim ClashGG’s 5% Deposit Bonus

  1. Go to Clash.GG using our provided link
  2. Sign-into Clash
  3. Click on Deposit in the top-right
  4. Find the Creators code in the top-right
  5. Enter code SKINLORDS and apply
  1. Go to Clash.GG using our provided link
  2. Sign-into Clash
  3. Click on Rewards in the main menu and find Redeem a Code
  4. Redeem code SKINLORDS

Rewards, Rakeback, and VIPs on ClashGG

Clash offers very generous daily cases, which, as the name implies, you can open daily. You can earn better daily cases by leveling up, which is done by betting on any of the available games. You can also choose to create a case battle with your daily case instead of just opening it, an original feature developed by the Clash team.

Clash is a free-to-play website for all of its users, which means you can play without needing to deposit. As a free-to-play player, you have access to Rain and your own free daily case. However, some basic requirements must be met to play for free. Specifically, you must KYC (Know your customer), meaning you will need to prove your identity by uploading personal identification documents.

Rain is another commonly seen free-to-play rewards feature. Users who have completed KYC or are above a certain level can join every 30 minutes and receive a share of the Rain pot, funded by a portion of site spending during that period. Players can even tip Rain to increase the payout.

Clash offers rakeback to all its players. Clash’s rakeback is split into three tiers, which are claimable as daily, weekly, and monthly rakeback. In order to claim rakeback, you will need to enter an affiliate code. However, you can still accumulate rakeback without claiming a code; you just won’t be able to claim it.

The affiliate program on ClashGG rewards affiliates for bringing new users to their skin gambling platform. Affiliates can boost their referrals with a 5% deposit bonus. Keep in mind that Clashgg will remove users from your affiliate code after seven days, which is a predatory practice, some would say.

ClashGG Game Originals

All games on ClashGG are originals with a unique look and feel, and their key features pretty much reflect the industry standard.

“Battles” is ClashGG’s player-versus-player (PvP) case-opening game mode, which you can find on many other for all CS2 skin gambling platforms. Players have the option to battle with or against several other players or call a bot “Clashy.”

On Clashgg, you can choose to play battles with a wide variety of modifiers and game modes. Those being normal, team, group, and terminal. Players can also choose a crazy mode or set their games to private. “Clash Spin” provides an extra kick as it only reveals particularly rare skins in an additional spin. On ClashGG, you can also recreate your battle with the click of a button – or fund battles.

Cases are a well-known game that is a must have on any skin gambling platform. On ClashGG, players can select cases from the site’s selection of original cases (“Official”) or a pool of user-generated cases (“Community”).

A Case Creator tool lets players create custom cases, which can cost from a few gems to tens of thousands. Players can sort them along various criteria and mark their favorites to keep them organized. To top it all off, you earn up to 3% commission on your case price when other players unbox it.

Upgrader is another classic in the world of skin gambling. Players select a skin or gem amount of their choice that they want to upgrade to from the ClashGG inventory. Players can either bet gems from their available balance or alternatively select the desired upgrade chance for a successful upgrade that they feel comfortable with. Players can decide whether they want to “roll over” or “roll under,” which dictates if the upgrade rolls clockwise or counterclockwise. The player also has the ability to choose at which point on the circle the upgrade starts; the player does this by dragging the highlighted upgrade field to the desired start point.

ClashGG’s implementation of Roulette is pretty standard. Players can join the Roulette about twice every minute. They have 20 seconds to decide where to place their gems – possible win multiples are 2, 7, and 14.

The Triple Green Bonus creates additional excitement. A small percentage of every round’s wagers (0.75%) flows into a bonus pot, which will be distributed back out to players proportionately in the form of gems to the players who bet in the last three rounds; this only occurs when 14x comes up three times in a row. Players can check the bonus history, this shows the user how the pot money was distributed, and to which players it was distributed to.

In addition to the gem and skin games listed above, ClashGG offers classic casino-like games like Dice, Mines, and Plinko. Although these games lack the CSGO skin gambling aspect, we attest to their universal appeal and clean implementation on this site.

Notably, Plinko on ClashGG offers an extreme win multiple of 10,000 times the user’s bet. It is worth noting that Clash does not have a maximum win limit. You just need to drop balls from the top of Plinko’s pegged pyramid board, hoping they land in the 10,000-time prize slots at the bottom.

History & Ownership, Licenses, and Regulatory Compliance

Hobbes, the founder of ClashGG, is a seasoned Rust and CSGO gamer who realized the opportunity to create a Rust skin unboxing site. This vision led to the creation of RustClash, which launched on his 18th birthday. The launch of ClashGG followed in 2023, in time for the release of CS2, to bring the RustClash gaming concept to the CSGO gamer community.

The site is owned and operated by Rust Clash Entertainment Ltd, located at Thermistokli Dervi, 48, 3rd Floor, Office 306, 1065, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The site is free to play and does not operate under a gambling license.

ClashGG is a free-to-play website, meaning users can enjoy all games without depositing. Users can join Rain and open daily cases for free after signing in with their Steam account and completing KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. This means they can play free of charge, enjoying the same odds and fairness as any player who chooses to deposit. In following this approach, Clashgg avoided classification as a gambling website and chose to forgo a gambling license.

ClashGG enforces its gambling regulators’ compliance policies on its platform. These policies are intended to protect both the user and the platform. Most importantly, they include KYC (Know Your Customer), age verification, and AML (Anti Money Laundering). The site also posts a privacy policy, a cookie policy, and a refund policy, among other things.

Last but not least, ClashGG takes a thorough approach to geo-blocking certain countries based on IP addresses. These include the Netherlands, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, and Turkey, but they don’t impact the parts of the world where Rust is most popular.

ClashGG aims to build a reputation for fair play and adherence to fair gambling practices, particularly after some past controversy. Cheating, exploitation, or manipulation of game outcomes is prohibited. Misconduct will be reported and can result in account suspension or termination.

Fairness, Website Security, and Trustworthiness

ClashGG utilizes, a third-party platform, server seed, and client seed to generate random values that determine game outcomes. This system is deterministic and provably fair, allowing players to verify that the site operates legitimately and doesn’t tamper with the outcome of its games.

For every game mode, you can find a detailed explanation of how a game outcome is generated and how you can verify the outcome yourself via third-party sites and data provided by ClashGG.

Finally, note that all your gameplay results are stored in your profile and ready for your review anytime, providing transparency and additional peace of mind.

The platform’s website uses secure site communication and protocols (HTTPS) to ensure its users’ data integrity and the security of their financial transactions. The site has a valid certificate issued by Google Trust Services. Using a strong password further enhances account security, making it harder for hackers to access accounts.

According to SimilarWeb, the URL receives an average of over 4 million monthly visits, making it one of the most popular CSGO gambling destinations online. About 15% of website traffic emanates from the United States, the site’s top geography, with the remainder being quite evenly spread over the Americas, Europe, and Asia, reflecting the global nature of CSGO’s player base.

Our review of Trustpilot and other review sites provided a mostly positive picture of this site. Based on close to 300 reviews submitted on Trustpilot, the casino’s score is 3.6 out of 5.0. More than 60% of reviewers give the casino a top 5.0 rating, but there is a sizeable share of negative reviews. Our recommendation is to look at it for yourself and compare it with other CSGO gambling sites or take some time to Google user reviews for yourself so you can reach your own conclusion.

Gambling Experience on Clash.GG

Our testers’ review of ClashGG encountered a no-frills design approach with bold graphics and animations and a working implementation of its CSGO game originals. Pages load fast, and games are always up, regardless of whether you log in from your computer or a mobile device.

If players experience issues or have questions, there is no need to Google for an answer to your issue. ClashGG offers email support as well as the more popular moderator support option, which is accessed through its on-site chat. The ClashGG team commits to answering any and all questions within 24 hours to address feedback and resolve issues.

ClashGG is active on some of the most popular social media channels for CSGO skin gambling enthusiasts, including X (formerly Twitter) and Discord.

Deposit and Cashout Options

Like on any true skin gambling site, players on can deposit Counter-Strike skins (via their Steam account) and other Steam skins, including Rust, Dota, and TF2, via a third party.

On ClashGG, players can deposit in fiat currency (cash money) via credit card, debit card, and PayPal (via Kinguin or G2A gift cards). To pay with PayPal, a user must buy gift cards (via Kinguin); other forms of payment include Trustly, Giropay, Webmoney, Neteller, Neosurf, UnionPay, and WeChat,

Players can also deposit cryptocurrencies using the following: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether (both on ERC-20 and TRX blockchains), Solana, USDC, Ripple, Ada (Cardano), BNB (BSC), Tron (TRX), DodgeCoin, and Chainlink.

Withdrawals are possible in the form of CSGO skins and via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether (USDT on the ERC-20 blockchain).

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