The Assault Rifle is the most popular and versatile end-game weapon in Rust. With over 150 unique AK-47 skins released through the Rust item store, here are the ten most expensive Rust AK-47 skins.

Top 10 Most Expensive AK-47 Rust Skins

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10. Phantom AK

Certainly one of the best golden AK designs is the Phantom AK. Featuring a black background to contrast with the gold, the skin comes together with the bright red fabric wrapping around it.

Phantom AK-47 Rust Skin

9. Glorious AK

Besides being covered in gold and diamonds, the Glorious AK is one of the four AK-47 skins with a glowing sight! Unlike the Alien Red or Glory AK, only a few pixels of the Glorious AK sight glow in the dark, so it’s not as sought after for as other skins with glowing sights.

Glorious AK-47 Rust Skin

8. Tempered AK47

The Tempered AK47 is arguably the most recognizable AK-47 skin in Rust and was released in February 2016. This makes the Tempered AK47 the third assault rifle skin released to Rust!

Tempered AK-47 Rust Skin

7. Mystic AK47

The Mystic AK47 has gained popularity from it being an awesome-looking skin. It has a dragon fighting a skull with flames and a silver yin and yang symbol that becomes visible when aiming down sights.

Mystic AK-47 Rust Skin

6. Crypt of Death AK47

The Crypt of Death AK47 is great for those who love scary skull and bone designs. Due to the skin’s high level of detail, many players have reported this skin looking strange at low graphic settings.

Crypt of Death AK-47 Rust Skin
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5. AK Royale

The AK Royale is another skin covered in gold, but the skin isn’t too flashy, and the gold compliments its metal dragon scale body.

AK Royale Rust Skin

4. AK-47 From Hell

Now with an entire collection of skins, the AK-47 From Hell is an epic skin with bright red designs scraped into its metallic body. However, this skin does not have a glowing sight, but its red designs glow in the dark.

AK-47 From Hell Rust Skin

3. AK-47 Victoria

The AK-47 Victoria is beloved for its royal design and sharp red tip for aiming down sights. The Victoria does not have a glowing sight, yet many players commonly mistake it for having one.

AK-47 Victoria Rust Skin

2. Alien Red

The Alien Red has always been considered the slightly cheaper option to the Glory AK, even though it was released in February 2017, an entire month before the Glory AK. The Alien Red peaked in value at $200 in August 2021 but has since trickled down in price.

Alien Red AK47 Rust Skin

1. Glory AK47

The most expensive Rust AK skin has been the Glory AK almost ever since it came out in April 2017. It has a bright white glowing sight which is preferred as the best glowing sight assault rifle skin. After crosshairs were added to Rust, the price tag of a Glory AK47 has steadily declined, once valued at over $400!

Glory AK47 Rust Skin

We hope you enjoyed our Top Ten Most Expensive AK-47 Skin in Rust guide. Feel free to comment if we missed out on an important skin or if some prices have dramatically changed.

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