If the design of your Rust base does not allow for the use of wide gap peekdowns, our guide can help you to connect them to either a multi-TC shell or a single central tool cupboard. The guide provides step-by-step instructions to make the process as easy as possible.

This guide continues from our how to add wide gap peeks tutorial.

By crossing horizontal through vertical wall frames, wide gap peekdowns can be easily added to bases that use multiple tool cupboards.

Rust Connect Wide Gap Peeks to Multi-TC Base
1. Foundation layout

Place a half-moon of triangles and two square foundations outward from the middle of your wide gap peek foundations. Remove the triangles and upgrade the square foundations.

Place and upgrade the first two layers of wide-gap wall frames for your peekdowns. This is important because you may not be able to build them once the horizontal frames are in place.

Connect Wide Gap Peeks Foundation Twig
2. Using floor frames to connect

Place a wall frame followed by a half wall. Place a floor frame from the top of the half-wall towards the base.

Connect Wide Gap Peeks Wall Frame One
3. Completing the floor frames

Three consecutive floor frames will connect from the square foundation to your base wall. The wide gap peekdown wall frames cross through the connecting frames.

Stability may not allow you to place the second-floor frame, so put a temporarily square foundation, wall frame, and half-wall as seen in the first example in the slider below. Stability will be fine once the three ceiling foundations connect to the base.

  • Connect Wide Gap Peeks Wall Frame Two
4. Connecting to a tool cupboard

Rebuild the half-moon of triangle foundations from earlier, and upgrade the foundations as in the examples. In addition, two connecting wall frames need to be placed to fully connect and provide upkeep to your base.

No tool cupboard is needed if the base uses only one tool cupboard. However, if the base is multi-TC, a tool cupboard must be placed.

  • Connect Wide Gap Peeks Tool Cupboard Placed

If you found the guide to be overwhelming, don’t worry. The building techniques described in the guide are meant for advanced builders and may be complex. However, it is important to learn the basics of base building before attempting more advanced techniques. Don’t feel discouraged if you need some time to practice and get comfortable with the basics before moving on to more complex designs.

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