The Black and Gold armor skin set is one of the newer armor set additions to Rust and features a sleek and simple appearance. While it shares similarities with the Blackout set, its golden accents are less eye-catching than the flashy Dragon Rage. This subtler design has made it a popular choice among players, causing its price to increase quickly after its release in the Rust item store.

Black and Gold Skins Rust Armor Set

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Black Gold Helmet
Black Gold Helmet Rust Skin
Black Gold Hoodie
Black Gold Hoodie Rust Skin
Black Gold Facemask
Black Gold Facemask Rust Skin
Blackout Jacket
Blackout Jacket Rust Skin
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Black Gold Vest
Black Gold Vest Rust Skin
Black Gold Pants
Black Gold Pants Rust Skin
Metalhunter Gloves
Metalhunter Gloves Rust Skin
Black Gold Boots
Black Gold Boots Rust Skin
Black Gold Chestplate
Black Gold Metal Chestplate Rust Skin
Black Gold Kilt
Black Gold Kilt Rust Skin
Black Gold Roadsign Gloves
Black Gold Roadsign Gloves Rust Skin
Dragon Rage Bandana
Dragon Rage Bandana Rust Skin

We hope you found our guide on the Black and Gold armor skin set in Rust to be useful and enjoyable. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if there is an alternative skin that we didn’t include or if you’d like to share your thoughts on this armor set.

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