Find the best settings in Rust to maximize your FPS and enhance visibility in PvP. Some of these settings are crucial and can provide an advantage in certain situations.


In the options menu, the most important setting is max gibs, which should be set to zero. When built structures are removed through raiding or natural decay, the max gibs setting determines how quickly a broken structure is visually removed from your screen. Setting it to zero reduces strain on the computer and provides a competitive advantage!

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Options


The user interface, audio, and controls settings depend on the player’s personal preference. The mode should be set to exclusive and VSync should be turned off in the screen menu. The game’s resolution is a matter of preference – some players may prefer a stretched resolution, while others prefer a crisper gameplay experience using their monitor’s resolution.

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Screen


In addition to graphics quality, all of the settings below are considered the best for all types of computers. The graphics quality setting should be set to a level that ensures consistently good FPS. If you have a high-end computer, you can choose a higher graphics quality setting, while a lower-end computer should have a lower setting.

It is important to maximize your draw distance to ensure that structures and entities are rendered from a far distance. Depending on your hardware components, you can use Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex Mode.

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Graphics and Mesh Quality
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Image Effects

It is recommended to turn off all image effects except for ‘sharpen.’ Some players may choose to turn off all of these settings, but it is a matter of personal preference.

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Image Effects


The experimental settings can often significantly decrease your frames without providing any real benefits. It is recommended to turn them all off.

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Experimental

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We hope you found our guide on the optimal Rust settings for PvP and maximizing FPS helpful. If we missed any important settings or if you encountered any issues with our guide, please feel free to leave a comment.

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