The best settings in Rust to maximize your FPS and give the best possible visibility in PvP. Some of these settings are vital and can give an advantage in some situations.


In the options menu, the most important setting is ‘max gibs,’ which should be set to zero. When built structures are removed through raiding or natural decay, the ‘max gibs’ setting will determine how fast a broken structure is visually removed off your screen. Setting it to zero means less strain on the computer and a competitive advantage!

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Options


Skipping over the user interface, audio, and controls as they all depend on the player’s preference. The ‘mode’ should be set to ‘exclusive,’ and ‘VSync’ should be turned off in the screen menu. The game’s resolution is all about preference, as some players may prefer a stretched resolution, and others prefer more crisp gameplay using their monitor’s resolution.

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Screen


Besides ‘graphics quality,’ all the settings below are considered the best regardless of how strong your computer is. The ‘graphics quality’ setting should be set to where you are guaranteed to have consistently good FPS. If you have a high-end computer, opt for a higher graphics quality, whereas a lower-end computer should have a lower setting.

Players should always max out their draw distance to make sure structures and entities are rendered from a far distance. Depending on your hardware components, you may or may not have the option to use Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex Mode.

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Graphics and Mesh Quality
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Image Effects

All image effects other than ‘sharpen’ should be turned off. Of course, some players will turn all of these settings off, but it is all up to personal preference.

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Image Effects


The experimental settings will often heavily decrease your frames without any real benefits. Therefore, all of them should be turned off.

Rust FPS & PvP Settings - Experimental

Many PvP focused players add an Nvidia Game Filter to deepen the game’s contrast and alter the overall lighting. Players will also use a custom setting to automatically switch between two unique in-game sensitivities, one for normal gameplay and aiming down sights to improve their sprays.

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