Although Counter-Strike 2 has introduced hundreds of unique weapon skins, only a few of them showcase an anime or oriental-inspired style. Despite the possible lack of practicality for players to have an anime character plastered to their firearm in Counter-Strike, anime’s widespread popularity has made any anime-themed skin highly desirable.

Thus, we present to you our list of CS2 skins with an anime or oriental flair.

Anime Skins in CS:GO

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AWP | Oni Taiji

The AWP Oni Taiji was released in the Operation Hydra Case, and all the underwhelming skins in the case remain valuable since they can be used to trade up towards the covert AWP Oni Taiji. Its design showcases a Samurai battling a fiery red demon, presented in a traditional Japanese painting style.

AWP Oni Taiji CSGO Skin

M4A4 | Temukau

The Temukau skin, which showcases an anime girl as its centerpiece, was released as a covert-grade skin in the Revolution case in CS2. It stands out as one of the few skins in the game with such a design. The rest of the skin features vibrant colors and Japanese text.

M4A4 Temakau CSGO Skin

Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami

For those looking for an affordable and stylish option for the Galil AR, the Crimson Tsunami is a great choice. Its design has huge waves and splatters of crimson paint, giving it an eye-catching look.

Galil AR Crimson Tsunami CSGO Skin

AK-47 | Bloodsport

The Bloodsport is undoubtedly one of the best AK-47 skins in the game, featuring a vibrant color scheme that makes it stand out. Although it comes with a high price tag, it is certainly a stylish and sought-after skin to add to your collection.

AK-47 Bloodsport CSGO Skin

MAC-10 | Sakkaku

The MAC-10 Sakkaku skin showcases an anime girl with oversized, red-colored eyes, creating a distinct and attention-grabbing look. Fortunately, this skin is a “restricted” rarity within the Revolution case, making it a budget-friendly option for players who want to add it to their inventory.

MAC-10 Sakkaku CSGO Skin
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M4A4 | Dragon King

Hailing from the old Chroma case, the M4A4 Dragon King is a beloved CS2 skin with a timeless design. Its design showcases a fierce-looking dragon with light blue and red accents, creating a stylish but not excessively flashy appearance.

M4A4 Dragon King CSGO Skin

Galil AR | Kami

The Galil AR Kami, a mil-spec grade skin from the Huntsman Case, features a subtle color typical for a mil-spec skin. Its design is based on Japanese manga and is most visually impressive when in Factory New or Minimal Wear condition.

Galil AR Kami CSGO Skin

M4A1-S | Player Two

Despite its heavy anime theme, the M4A1-S Player Two is a covert-grade skin that is not excessively expensive since it was released in the Prisma 2 case, which had a large number of cases. Its design is reminiscent of manga, with vibrant colors, explosive effects, and a military anime character firing a weapon.

M4A1-S Player Two CSGO Skin

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

The Kumicho Dragon, which can be found in the Operation Wildfire Case, boasts a striking reflective metallic appearance that showcases a large dragon on its barrel and a small dragon logo on its handle. Both the barrel and handle designs are intricately detailed in white paint.

Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon CSGO Skin

AUG | Akihabara Accept

The AUG Akihabara Accept, a legendary skin, is part of The Rising Sun Collection and features an anime girl with pink hair in military attire. Its supply is extremely limited since it can only be obtained by burning an AK-47 Hydroponic in a trade-up contract, which is not worth it as the Hydroponic costs almost the same as this AUG skin.

AUG Akihabara Accept CSGO Skin

Glock-18 | Umbral Rabbit

The Glock-18 Umbral Rabbit was introduced in 2023 as part of the Revolution case and is thought to be a nod to the Lunar New Year. The skin boasts intricate designs of various temples and a rabbit, which is especially significant as 2023 happens to be the Year of the Rabbit.

Glock-18 Umbral Rabbit

We hope our collection of anime-themed skins in CS2 has been helpful. If you think we missed a crucial skin, or if you have any opinions, please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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