Facepunch Studios has released over 3,000 unique skins for Rust, so we decided to search for the funniest and strangest ones. Our list is not in any particular order, and it’s up to you to decide which skins you find the most bizarre or amusing.

Maximus Sheet Metal Door

The Maximus Sheet Metal Door is a beautifully framed door skin featuring a selfie of the streamer AgenteMaxo. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this skin as it was released as a free Twitch Drop.

Maximus Sheet Metal Door Twitch Drop Rust Skin

Valentine Balaclava

“The Valentine Balaclava is often considered one of the strangest skins in Rust. This improvised balaclava skin combined with a black swimsuit is sure to make you the laughing stock among other players. The Valentine Balaclava is relatively affordable and was being sold for between five and seven dollars in mid-2022.

Valentine Balaclava Rust Skin

Carrot Knife

The Carrot Knife is a bone knife skin that looks exactly like a carrot. Finding a carrot in someone’s loot during a raid in Rust is always amusing. The Carrot Knife was a popular item in the store, so its price remained below three dollars in mid-2022.

Carrot Knife Rust Skin

Eat Me Facemask

The Eat Me Facemask is possibly the strangest skin ever released in Rust. It has a perfectly circular mouth hole that can be interpreted in various ways. This metal face mask is affordable and was selling for around two dollars in mid-2022.

Eat Me Facemask Rust Skin

Pokimane Garage Door

The Pokimane Garage Door is one of the few girly skins in Rust and has some glowing parts. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this garage door skin as it was released as a free Twitch Drop.

Pokimane Garage Door Twitch Drop Rust Skin
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Potty Door

The Potty Door is a sheet metal door that looks like a dirty portable toilet door. This door isn’t too expensive and was selling for around five dollars in mid-2022.

Potty Door Rust Skin

Kayak Helmet

The Kayak Helmet is a popular metal facemask because it is unique. Rather than looking like a protective face covering, the Kayak Helmet looks like a silly helmet. It has become a fan favorite.

Kayak Helmet Rust Skin

Meat Mask

The Meat Mask is an improvised balaclava skin that looks like the famous “pog” face. This balaclava is expensive and was selling for around fifteen dollars in mid-2022.

Meat Mask Rust Skin

Rainbow Pony Garage Door

The Rainbow Pony Garage Door is one of the most vibrant and flashy skins in Rust. It has some utility with glowing effects that make it visible in the dark. However, your teammates may opt to change these garage doors to a different skin due to its loud design.

Rainbow Pony Garage Door Rust Skin

Skull Rock

All rock skins in Rust must keep the same shape, but their design and colors make them distinct. The Skull Rock stands out due to its unique shape that resembles a human skull.

Skull Rock Rust Skin

We hope you enjoyed our list of Rust’s top ten funniest and strangest skins. Please leave a comment if you feel we missed any important skins that should be on this list.

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