The SSG 08 also known as the Scout, is the cheap alternative to CSGO’s legendary AWP sniper rifle. It’s an excellent option to contest long-range combat without breaking the bank. But enough about talking about the scout. Here are the top ten best skins for the SSG 08 in CSGO.

Top 10 Scout Skins in CSGO

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10. Turbo Peek

Introduced in the Operation Riptide Case, the Turbo Peek is a skin dedicated to fans of the retro style. The flashy neon colors make the weapon pop with color, and it’s a good choice for the price.

SSG-08 Turbo Peek CSGO Skin

9. Dark Water

The Dark Water skin design was included in the first case released to CSGO and later included in several other old cases. Added in the eSports 2014 case, this SSG 08 is a solid pick if you are a fan of the classic old skins.

SSG-08 Dark Water CSGO Skin

8. Death’s Head

Brought alongside Operation Hydra, the Death’s Head imitates the pattern of a particular hawk moth with a skull marking on its back. Interesting backstory and overall cool-looking skin.

SSG-08 Deaths Head CSGO Skin

7. Hand Brake

The Hand Brake has no flashy colors or crazy animals but had to be included in our top ten. The navy blue contrast with the white gives it a classy and vintage vibe. Ideal if you’re looking for something not over-the-top.

SSG-08 Hand Brake CSGO Skin

6. Dragonfire

It’s difficult to find anything cooler than a fire-breathing dragon on a gun. The Dragonfire is the cheaper option of the only two covert skins for the scout, and for the value, the Dragonfire is an excellent addition to your loadout.

SSG-08 Dragonfire CSGO Skin
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5. Detour

The Detour is a discrete and simple-looking weapon skin that’s been a fan favorite. Its minimalistic design and monochrome colors are perfect for a white or black loadout.

SSG-08 Detour CSGO Skin

4. Parallax

Released in late 2020 through Operation Broken Fang, the Parallax is a unique skin for CSGO. Its zebra-striped texture combined with a 3D red and blue effect resulted in an awesome skin. Luckily, the Parallax is a restricted rarity skin, making it very affordable.

SSG-08 Parallax CSGO Skin

3. Fever Dream

This Fever Dream is one of the cheapest scout skins, but don’t let it fool you. It has a colorful, bright graffiti pattern that looks cool even in battle-scarred condition.

SSG-08 Fever Dream CSGO Skin

2. Abyss

If low price is a priority, the Abyss is, by far, the best option for you. Some Abyss patterns look stunning, and it’s worth browsing to ensure you have a cool pattern before purchasing one.

SSG-08 Abyss CSGO Skin

1. Blood in the Water

Mostly known for being the unwanted skin in legendary expensive trade-ups, the Blood in the Water is widely considered the best-looking scout in the game. This scout comes with a hefty price tag since it was released in the CSGO Weapon Case 2 as a covert rarity.

SSG-08 Blood in the Water CSGO Skin

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the Top Ten SSG 08 Skins in CS:GO. Feel free to comment if we missed out on an important skin or if you would have ordered the skins differently.

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