The Whiteout armor set in Rust is a pay-to-win skin loadout since players can blend into snowy biomes. We’ve compiled each important armor piece and the best alternative skin for pieces that don’t have the Whiteout skin available. This armor set is fantastic for those living in snowy areas or hardcore node farmers.

Rust Whiteout Armor Set Skin Loadout

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Whiteout Helmet
Whiteout Helmet Rust Skin
Whiteout Hoodie
Whiteout Hoodie Rust Skin
Whiteout Mask
Whiteout Facemask Rust Skin
Snowcamo Jacket
Snowcamo Jacket Rust Skin
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Whiteout Vest
Whiteout Vest Rust Skin
Whiteout Pants
Whiteout Pants Rust Skin
Space Rocket Work Gloves
Space Rocket Work Gloves Rust Skin
Doodle Boots
Doodle Boots Rust Skin
Whiteout Chestplate
Whiteout Chestplate Rust Skin
Whiteout Kilt
Whiteout Kilt Rust Skin
Whiteout Roadsign Gloves
Whiteout Roadsign Gloves Rust Skin
Snow Camo Bandana
Snow Camo Bandana Rust Skin

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the complete Whiteout skin gear set in Rust. Feel free to comment if we missed out on an important alternative skin or if you have any opinions on this armor set.

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