Players receive specific titles for winning in the tournament game mode in Rocket League. These titles will vary in colors, and glowing effects based on the players’ rank and the number of tournament wins per season. Players who manage to win three tournaments in one season of Rocket League are given a colored title.

Overview of Tournament Titles
RankingThree Tournament WinsThree Tournament Wins
Supersonic LegendGlowing WhiteGlowing Pink
Grand ChampionDefault GreyGlowing Red
Champ and all ranks belowDefault GreySolid Green

Only the top 1-5% of players are Grand Champion and above, and this is unfortunate because the vast majority of players can only achieve the default grey or solid green tournament-colored titles. Hopefully, Epic Games adds more unique colored tournament titles to lower ranks in future updates.

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2 Comments on “Overview of Titles in the Rocket League Tournament Gamemode”

  • Jannik Wild:

    Hey, eine Frage ich bin gestern 6facher Platin Turniersieger geworden… Habe immer gedacht man bekommt bei 3 Grün 6 Rot und bei 9 Pink… Ist das so oder nicht?

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