Despite its affordability as a T-side automatic rifle, the Galil AR has not gained much love among the CS2 community, partly due to its unreliable spray and inferior performance compared to the AK-47. However, despite these drawbacks, the Galil AR has been the canvas for some amazing skin designs. To showcase the cream of the crop, we have compiled a list of the ten most visually stunning Galil skins.

Best Galil AR Skins in CSGO

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10. Chromatic Abberation

The Galil AR Chromatic Aberration was introduced in the Snakebite Case, with a captivating appearance that has a black base with a pink cheetah print pattern adorning its body, as well as a few elements that feature a 3D red and blue effect.

Galil AR Chromatic Abberation CSGO Skin

9. Connexion

The Galil Connexion pays homage to the Phoenix Connexion, a terrorist group that appears in several games of the Counter-Strike series. The skin showcases a metallic reddish-orange and white paint job, decorated with multiple Phoenix logos and features the “Phoenix Connexion” name inscribed on its buttstock.

Galil AR Connexion CSGO Skin

8. Eco

The Galil Eco skin has a simple and clean design that looks elegant. However, it’s not easy to find the skin in factory new condition due to its limited float range, which makes its factory new condition significantly more expensive. The skin has green and white colors, and it features a recycling symbol and an “Eco” logo that promotes environmental consciousness.

Galil AR Eco CSGO Skin

7. Stone Cold

The Stone Cold Galil skin has an uncomplicated yet striking design that comes with an affordable price tag. Its simple color palette contains various shapes that reflect light, giving the skin a cool appearance in sunlight.

Galil AR Stone Cold CSGO Skin

6. Sugar Rush

The Sugar Rush, which debuted in the Operation Hydra Case, is one of the pricier Galil AR skins due to its use in trading up toward the AWP Oni Taiji. The body of the rifle is painted in a vibrant shade of pink, complemented by splashes of bright blue on certain sections of the weapon.

Galil AR Sugar Rush CSGO Skin
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5. Caution!

Part of the limited Vertigo 2021 Collection, the Galil AR Caution features striking black and yellow stripes overlaid with the word “Caution” all over. Being in a rare collection, this Galil is priced quite steeply, with its cost starting at more than $25.

Galil AR Caution! CSGO Skin

4. Crimson Tsunami

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet stylish CS2 skin, the Galil Crimson Tsunami might just fit the bill. With its subtle yet appealing design, the skin showcases a stormy sea with large waves and crimson paint splatters on the top of the weapon. The skin’s traditional Japanese painting style adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the Galil.

Galil AR Crimson Tsunami CSGO Skin

3. Rocket Pop

The Rocket Pop is a well-known CS2 skin that takes inspiration from the iconic Bomb Pop frozen popsicle treat, featuring the recognizable red, white, and blue color scheme. Despite its popularity, this skin has always been reasonably priced, particularly in its field-tested conditioon.

Galil AR Rocket Pop CSGO Skin

2. Chatterbox

Ever since it was released in the Chroma Case, the Galil Chatterbox has remained the sole covert-grade skin for the Galil AR in CS2. It’s a rare skin that can only be acquired in field-tested, well-worn, or battle-scarred conditions, with the field-tested variant being particularly hard to come by due to its narrow float range.

The skin boasts an impressive design, featuring a prominent skull motif and various scratch marks that give it a distinct and battle-worn look.

Galil AR Chatterbox CSGO Skin

1. Cerberus

The Cerberus is our top pick for the most visually stunning Galil AR skin in CS2. It showcases a bold and attention-grabbing design of a three-headed dog painted in neon yellow and dark green, with hazard symbols that evoke the feel of nuclear waste, further elevating the skin’s overall appearance.

Galil AR Cerberus CSGO Skin

We hope our compilation of the best-looking Galil AR skins in CS2 was helpful to you. If you feel that we overlooked an essential skin or have a different ranking preference, please share your opinion with us in the comments section.

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