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  • Players receive wager rewards as premium daily cases
  • Great selection of original games
  • Unique design based on the game Rust
  • Live on-site chat
  • Slow and inconsistent item withdrawal
  • No live dealer games or slots at a Glance

Bandit.Camp is one of the leading Rust skin gambling platforms, taking creative cues from the namesake Bandit Camp monument in the game Rust. All the website’s games are themed after the video game Rust, creating an immersive experience. Thus, Rust gamers quickly turn into players on this platform.

Bandit.Camp offers iconic game originals, including Crate Unboxing and Crate Battles, Scrap Upgrader, Wheel of Fortune, and others. Players can withdraw their balance to Rust skins or through a selection of cryptocurrencies.

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How to Claim Bandit.Camp’s Free Bonus

  1. Go to Bandit.Camp using our provided link
  2. Sign-into Bandit.Camp
  3. Click on Free Scrap in the top menu and find Redeem an Affiliate Code
  4. Redeem code SKINLORDS
  5. Click the link again if you do not see the pop-up
  1. Go to Bandit.Camp using our provided link
  2. Sign-into Bandit.Camp
  3. Click on Daily Case in the top-menu
  4. Complete all requirements to open a free daily case

Rewards, Promotions and other Incentives on Bandit.Camp

Bandit.Camp offers a dizzying and generous array of rewards, promotions, and other incentives that keep their player base fully engaged and loyal.

Several times an hour, players on Bandit.Camp who have reached a certain level and meet other basic requirements, are free to join the site’s Rakeback Rain. The reward is based on a player’s bet amounts plus rain tips donated by other players. This feature is regularly joined by hundreds of players, underlining its tremendous popularity.

Free Cases are a free to play rewards feature found commonly on many skin gambling sites. Players can win skins when opening (“unlocking”) their daily free case. Similar to Rakeback Rain, certain basic requirements must be met to participate.

If you are a “faucet warrior”, you can claim Faucet every 30 minutes to earn free “scrap”, Bandit.Camp’s virtual on-site currency. In order to claim Faucet, your scrap balance must be 0.08 or less, and other requirements apply.

If you have a promo code or an affiliate’s referral code, you can enter it upon deposit on the platform. This lets you redeem deposit bonuses that range from 3% to 5%, depending on your deposit method.

Your leaderboard rewards depend on your aggregate bet amount with Bandit.Camp. The 25 top ranked players win up to 1,500 scrap on Bandit.Camp’s daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard.

Players on Bandit.Camp fall into 25 different tiers, each having multple levels, (tiers 0 to Level 24), depending on their bet total. Every time a player levels up, they get access to level up case. They then can open (“unbox”) these crates. The items inside of these create increases in value as players climb the tiers. Unboxed items are sold for scrap balance automatically.

Other incentives include rewards for participating in surveys and as well as giveaways on Discord and Twitter (now X). Additionally, Bandit.Camp regularly hosts races and raffles for its players.

The Bandit.Camp affiliate program is designed to reward affiliates for bringing users to the platform. The site offers a tiered system through which affiliates can earn up to 3% kickback from each deposit.

Bandit.Camp Game Originals

All games on Bandit.Camp are originals, making this site another Rust skin gambling classic with a unique gambling experience. Following is a brief overview of the platform’s game selection.

Crate Battles are a standard game mode on all skin gambling sites, including Bandit.Camp which no exception to this rule. Players have many options to create and customize their battles. These start with the basic battle modifications, including the number of players and the game mode (regular battle, team battle, and group unboxing). Next, players are invited to select their crate or crates, respectively, if they choose to play multiple rounds. In a final step, game modifiers can be selected, including cursed and final draw mode. There are also options to partially fund the Crate Battle and to set the game to private.

The Crate Unboxing game mode allows players to open (“unbox”) crates containing Rust skins. The cost of a Crate Unboxing is based on the skins it contains, more specifically, their rarities and values. It can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Players can open cases individually or multiple ones at a time. Players can use the skins won in further gambling on the site or choose to withdraw the coins they won as skins in their Steam inventory.

Once you navigate to Bandit.Camp’s Wheel of Fortune, you’ll immediately realize that you’re looking at one of the game Rust’s original components. The wheel spins every 20 seconds, giving players enough time to place their bets on any of the five different colors of the wheel. Multiples range from 2 to 21.

Like all games on Bandit.Camp, this upgrader game is Rust skin-themed. For any bet amount, players may chose a desired upgrade multiple (ranging from 2.5 to 20), or, alternatively, set custom multipliers by selecting one or several skins. The Scrap Upgrader then indicates the chances of success for the upgrade, and in a final step, before proceeding to attempt the upgrade, the player can opt to roll over or under.

Minefield Madness is a classic mines game that was implemented on Bandit.Camp with the Rust look and feel. Beancan Blast is another game of chance (dice), that lets players set bet amount and desired multiple, or alternatively, win chances, not unlike Bandit.Camp’s Scrap Upgrader. Spinner Battles are multi-player games for 2 to 4 players in which every player has an equal chance of winning a “pot.”

Gambling Experience with Rust Skins on Bandit.Camp

Our testers’ Bandit.Camp review encountered a coherent design approach with nice graphics and animations that are inspired by Rust’s game design assets and philosophy. The site’s pages load fast and games are always up, regardless of whether you log in on your computer or from a mobile device. We give this site high marks on usability and design, and extra credit for smart personalization options that can be set in the users’ Profile pages.

Bandit.Camp was established in mid-2021. The platform is owned and operated by the same team that was behind several CSGO skin gambling sites, including and

If players need help, they are directed to a basic Q&A section that addresses the most frequently asked questions about deposits and withdrawals, as well as redemption of promo codes. A rather detailed section is dedicated to helping users verify the fairness of a game’s outcome.

There is no live support available, but players can open tickets through the website with an expected response time of 30 minutes to 48 hours, per the site.

When accessing their profile, players can check their rewards and game stats, track affiliate earnings (if they have any), review their bet and transaction history, and check active trades.

An Options section in the player’s profile lets them customize page settings like sounds and page layout, select screen names, and adjust privacy settings, among others.

Bandit.Camp: Ownership, Licenses & Policies is a brand name of Apegang (Cyprus) Limited, with registration number HE 434551, having its registered address at 1, Avlonos, Maria House, Nicosia, 1075 Cyprus.

We did not find evidence of any license related to the website’s service offering. It is stated, however, that Bandit.Camp users are (1) using real money to purchase virtual items (scrap, skins) with the sole purpose of playing games on the website and that (2) the website does not provide any means for users to convert those virtual items or site balance back to real money. It does, however, allow users to withdraw winnings in the form of cryptocurrency.

Bandit.Camp’s Terms of Service address the users’ and the website’s rights and obligations, privacy rights, intellectual property and copyright, warranties and indemnification, and related.

Importantly, the Terms of Service refer to KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies and list some countries and jurisdictions (several States of the United States) that exclude residents from using the website. Certain deposit methods are not available in Belgium, China, Japan, The Netherlands, the Isle of Man, Taiwan, Thailand, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark.

It appears that compliance is not enforced by the website, but rather relies on implicit consent given by users who decide to open accounts (engage with) Bandit.Camp. For example, we are not aware of any geo-blocking efforts undertaken by the Bandit.Camp platform.

Our review of Trustpilot and other review sites provided a positive picture of this site. Based on over 1100 reviews submitted on Trustpilot, the site scores 4.1 out of 5.0. More than 75% of reviewers give the top 5.0 rating. Most comments are in line with our own review, with players raving about the site’s smooth games and an outstanding rewards system that eventually draws them all in.

Bandit.Camp cautions users to gamble responsibly. It cautions users who are at risk of addiction or suicide or who are gambling addicts to refrain from using the site. Links, e.g., to Gamblers Anonymous and to Be Gamble Aware, are listed in Bandit.Camp’s Terms of Service. Most importantly, though, the website provides a self-ban option for those who struggle with gambling responsibly.

Bandit.Camp: Security, Fairness and Page Traffic

The platform uses secure site communication and protocols (HTTPS) to ensure its users’ data integrity and the security of their financial transactions. The site has a valid certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.

The URL receives around 2 million monthly visits on average, according to SimilarWeb, making it one of the most popular Rust gambling destinations on the Internet. About half of website traffic comes from 3 countries: Turkey, Poland, and the United States.

The Bandit.Camp platform generates the rolls (game outcomes) for PVP games based on the EOS blockchain combined with the player’s private seed, constituting a fully decentralized, non-deterministic source that cannot be corrupted and is therefore regarded as the gold standard in provably fair game generation. Only a select number of other websites in the Rust gambling space use this technology. For their non PVP games they use the server-client seed pair.

Players are ensured transparency and equal randomness of all games and are able to verify themselves by following the detailed instructions as laid out on the website by using the EOS block hash on top of the traditional public/private seeds system.

Players can review their bet history by accessing the according section in their profile. On their profile pages, they can also access their transaction history and active trades.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options on Bandit.Camp

As a true Rust skin gambling site, Bandit.Camp lets players deposit Rust skins (via a player’s Steam account) as well as CS:GO skins, DOTA 2 skins, and TF2 skins via the third party platform Skinify.

Alternatively, Bandit.Camp lets players deposit in fiat currency (cash money) via credit card, debit card, and PayPal (via Kinguin), as well as Blik, Bancontact, Trustly, Skrill, Webmoney, Ideal, and Neosurf.

Further, players are offered the option to deposit via gift cards through Kinguin, a third-party platform that offers a large variety of payment methods, depending on your region, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe Card, WebMoney, GooglePay, Trustly, and many more.

Last but not least, players may deposit cryptocurrencies using the following coins/tokens: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, Tether (both, on ERC-20 and TRX blockchains), USD Coin (both, on ERC-20 and TRX blockchains), Binance Coin (BNB), Tron (TRX), and Dai (DAI).

Deposit bonuses vary, depending on the players’ deposit method. From time to time, Bandit.Camp runs promotions for one or the other deposit method.

Withdrawals are possible via Rust skins from Bandit.Camp’s in-house inventory and via Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether (ERC-20 blockchain) from their hot wallets to your crypto wallet.

Every account has a daily withdrawal limit as a safety precaution to prevent fraud and trading. Players can contact support if they want the limit adjusted.

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