Here are the best Blue Gem patterns for the Karambit Case Hardened in CS2. These rare Blue Gem patterns carry a hefty price tag.

Best Possible Karambit Blue Gem Seed

  • Paint seed 387
Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem Pattern Gudie

All Blue Gem Seeds for the Karambit Case Hardened

  1. Paint seed 34
  2. Paint seed 73
  3. Paint seed 262
  4. Paint seed 269
  5. Paint seed 387
  6. Paint seed 442
  7. Paint seed 463
  8. Paint seed 470
  9. Paint seed 776
  10. Paint seed 809
  11. Paint seed 853
  12. Paint seed 868
  13. Paint seed 888
  14. Paint seed 902
  15. Paint seed 905

Why are Blue Gems rare and expensive?

Blue gem patterns are a rarity, as most case hardened skins typically feature a blend of purples and gold with just a hint of blue. But occasionally, a pattern emerges that is predominantly, or even entirely, blue. These unique skins are highly coveted. Every case hardened skin has a pattern seed that’s considered the cream of the crop.

For the Karambit, the premier paint seed is number 387. Given that this is just one among a thousand possible seeds, and considering the high demand among discerning collectors, it’s no wonder that the finest blue gems are priced significantly higher — sometimes ten to a hundred times more — than the standard rate for a regular case hardened version.

AK-47 Case Hardened Pattern Texture Overview

What is a backside blue gem?

In Counter-Strike 2, each knife has two distinct sides: the play side and the backside. The play side is the star of the show, being the side that’s visible during gameplay. The backside, meanwhile, gets its moment in the spotlight when you inspect the item in-game. The allure of blue gems is so strong that even the backside blue gems are considered treasures, but not quite at the level of those adorning the play side.

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We hope you found our guide helpful on the Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem. Feel free to ask any questions or post a trade in the comments.

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