Recently operation Shattered Web came to an end, and with that came the news that the Shattered Web case will be discontinued. This means the case will no longer be dropping in CS:GO.

When a weapon case becomes discontinued, there is no guarantee that the price will increase over a period of time. The Operation Vanguard case was discontinued several years ago but has failed to break 50 cents in price. Vanguard was an unpopular case and had no flashy skins inside, making sense that it was a bad investment.

Operation Vanguard Case price history

Many think the Shattered Web has what it takes to become a costly case in the future. CS:GO YouTuber TDM_Heyzues said,

I would be very surprised if it doesn’t reach the levels of the Operation Hydra case

TDM_Heyzeus (YouTuber)

… later going on to say prices could reach as high as $40 in the future. This estimate is unlikely ever to occur and is purely a guess on the best-case scenario.

What’s unique about Shattered Web?

The Shattered Web case has a unique set of knives currently unavailable to any other case. Valve hasn’t stated if the knife set will be included in future cases, but many skin investors speculate these knives will remain exclusive to the Shattered Web case. If this is true, these already expensive knives will see prices skyrocket to new highs. Giving more incentive to open the case will make the Shattered Web case price slowly decline in supply.

Shattered Web had the most expensive operation pass to date, and this was because of the significant drops it gave players. Few could purchase the pass, and the case wasn’t a standard drop. This is a perfect storm for a case that could run out of supply quicker than ever seen before.

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Time to invest?

Investing in the Shattered Web case will never guarantee you any profit. It’s safe to guess that the price will increase over a long period of time, as seen in most CS:GO cases. We estimate prices will eventually pick up as soon as the economy goes up again, and it may take many months for the case price to surpass the $1.50 mark.

Many well-respected skin investors vouch for the Shattered Web Case as a wise investment. The price has been inflated from investors stocking up, affecting how many cases are being opened.

Price of Shattered Web Case at time of writing article: $1.09

Every investment involves an unpredictable amount of risk. SkinLords writers’ are not financial advisers and do not claim to be financial advisers. Conduct your own research before making any decision.

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