It can be difficult to play with friends on a local server, especially if you are not familiar with the specific commands that allow you to customize the game to your preference. To help you get your 1v1 match started, here are some useful commands that you can use:

Useful 1v1 Commands CS:GO

11 Useful CS:GO 1v1 Commands

If you are unsure how to open the developer console in CSGO, view our quick guide. Several commands require sv_cheats 1 to be enabled.

  1. Restarts the game to round one
    • mp_restartgame 1
  2. Removes all bots in the game
    • bot_kick all
  3. Adds a T or CT bot to the game
    • bot_add t or bot_add ct
  4. Set the number of seconds frozen before a round begins
    • mp_freezetime 1
  5. End warm-up and start the match
    • mp_warmup_end
  6. Set round time to 60 minutes
    • mp_roundtime 60
  7. Armor is automatically given to players each round
    • mp_free_armor 1
  8. Receive a specific amount of money after every round
    • mp_afterroundmoney 16000
  9. Start money set to a specific amount
    • mp_startmoney 16000
  10. Access the buy menu anywhere on the map
    • mp_buy_anywhere 1
  11. Allow players from both teams to speak to each other
    • sv_alltalk 1

We hope this quick guide on useful 1v1 commands in CS:GO was helpful to you. If we missed any important commands or if you encountered any issues with the commands listed in this guide, please let us know by leaving a comment.

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