The sleeping bag is an item used by all Rust players, regardless of their skill level or progression on their server. There are over 80 unique sleeping bag skins available in the game, and some of these skins have become very expensive. Here is a list of the top five most expensive sleeping bag skins currently on the market.

Most Expensive Sleeping Bag Skins in Rust

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5. Golden Drake Bag

The Golden Drake sleeping bag is similar in price to many other bag skins but has historically stayed around $10, making it the fifth most expensive sleeping bag skin in Rust.

Golden Drake Sleeping Bag Rust Skin

4. Jungle Camo Bag

The Jungle Camo sleeping bag has a basic green camo design but a steep price tag. Most players have never seen this sleeping bag skin as it averages less than one sale per day on the Steam Community Market.

Jungle Camo Sleeping Bag Rust Skin

3. Crime Bag

The Crime Bag is a favorite sleeping bag skin for many players since it’s a creative and cool-looking design. This bag skin was released in May 2018, which is fairly new compared to other skins on this list.

Crime Sleeping Bag Rust Skin

2. Freshly Dug Grave

Sold in Rust’s 2015 Halloween item store, the Freshly Dug Grave bag is a cool but not too flashy sleeping bag skin that’s slowly increased in price since it was released.

Freshly Dug Grave Sleeping Bag Rust Skin

1. Horror Bag

Alongside the Freshly Dug Grave bag, the Horror bag was released in Rust’s 2015 Halloween item store. As of late 2022, the Horror bag commonly sells for over $500 on the Steam Community Market!

Horror Sleeping Bag Rust Skin
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We hope you enjoyed our guide on the most expensive sleeping bag skins in Rust. Feel free to comment if we missed out on an important skin or if prices have dramatically changed.

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