Looking for a budget-friendly knife for your CS:GO loadout? Look no further! Here are our top 10 picks for the best cheap CS:GO knives that cost less than $100. Knives are highly coveted items in Counter-Strike, but finding an affordable option can be difficult. We’ve done the work for you and carefully selected the best knives for you to choose from.

The rankings are in no particular order. Prices will change a lot over time.

1. Paracord Knife | Safari Mesh (Field-Tested)

The Paracord, introduced in the Shattered Web Collection, is one of the pricier options on our list. However, the Safari Mesh is a more budget-friendly choice and is a great value for its price!

Paracord Knife Safari Mesh (Field-Tested) CSGO Skin

2. Gut Knife | Damascus Steel (Field-Tested)

Of all the knives in the lower price range, the Gut Knife is the most visually appealing, especially with a nice finish like the Damascus Steel. It’s an excellent-looking knife for the price.

Gut Knife Damascus Steel (Field-Tested) CSGO Skin

3. Huntsman Knife | Scorched (Field-Tested)

The Huntsman is a lethal knife, a great choice if you want something big and affordable. The Scorched finish complements its crazy design. This serrated knife is perfect for those who want something imposing and deadly.

Huntsman Knife Scorched (Field-Tested) CSGO Skin

4. Survival Knife | Safari Mesh (Minimal Wear)

The Survival Knife is a decent knife, but its paint job leaves something to be desired. It can be difficult to find a good knife with a nice finish, so we recommend going with the Safari Mesh, which is just under our budget.

Survival Knife Safari Mesh (Minimal Wear) CSGO Skin

5. Navaja Knife | Vanilla

The standard Navaja has a nice, glossy finish. Although it may not be the most visually appealing knife, it is an excellent value for its price, costing only $70 ($80 for Stattrak).

Navaja Knife Vanilla CSGO Skin
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6. Bowie Knife | Scorched (Minimal Wear)

The Bowie is a great option if you want a knife with a large blade. The Scorched finish in minimal wear is one of the most pristine finishes you can get on a budget.

Bowie Knife Scorched (Minimal Wear) CSGO Skin

7. Falchion Knife | Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred)

The Falchion may not be the most visually impressive knife on this list, but its animations more than make up for it. The Rust Coat finish gives the blade a sense of reliability, making it a great combination.

Falchion Knife Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred) CSGO Skin

8. Gut Knife | Bright Water (Field-Tested)

If you prioritize color in your knife choices, the Bright Water is a good pick. If you can, try to get one with a low float value; it’s definitely worth avoiding scratches on this knife.

9. Gut Knife | Black Laminate (Battle-Scarred)

If you prefer a darker loadout, the Black Laminate finish on the Gut Knife is perfect for you. The all-black blade is paired with a nice hydrographic wooden handle, and it just so happens to be available for $99.99!

10. Shadow Daggers | Damascus Steel (Minimal Wear)

If shadow daggers are your preference, the Damascus Steel finish is the cleanest option you can get on a tight budget. The white color of the steel is a perfect match for any loadout, and the steel itself is beautiful.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the top ten knives under $100 in CS:GO. If we missed any important skins or if the prices have changed significantly, please let us know in the comments.

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