If you’re a fan of the powerful MAG-7 shotgun in CS2 and want to elevate your gameplay experience, having the right skin can make all the difference. We’ve rounded up a list of the best-looking MAG-7 skins for those who want to make a statement. Whether you’re looking to impress your teammates or express your style, these skins are sure to turn heads in-game.

Best MAG-7 Skins in CSGO

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10. Petroglyph

One of the more unique finishes is the Petroglyph’s tribal art style. A good pick for a more subtle option and a surprisingly cheap option. 

MAG-7 Petroglyph CSGO Skin

9. Monster Call

The Monster Call is like no other. With its impressive deep-sea artwork and purplish blue color scheme, there isn’t another skin like it.

MAG-7 Monster Call CSGO Skin

8. BI83 Spectrum

The only MAG-7 pattern with a holographic finish to it is the Spectrum. Ideal if you’re looking for something flashy and multi-colored.

MAG-7 BI83 Spectrum CSGO Skin

7. Justice

The Justice is your typical nice-skin-on-a-budget. Released in the Prisma 2 Case, the MAG-7 Justice has been one of the more creative finishes on a shotgun, which is why it’s on this list.

MAG-7 Justice CSGO Skin

6. Swag-7

The SWAG-7 has the reputation of a meme skin and is well known for its amusing name. With its metallic design, the SWAG-7 is undoubtedly the most well-known MAG-7 skin in the game.

MAG-7 Swag-7 CSGO Skin
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5. Heaven Guard

One of the oldest skins on our list is the Heaven Guard, added in 2014. The red and gray match nicely to create a dull but genuine feel. 

MAG-7 Heaven Guard CSGO Skin

4. Bulldozer

One of CS: GO’s most iconic MAG-7 skins is the Bulldozer. Extremely rare, only available in factory new and minimal wear, making it expensive.

MAG-7 Bulldozer CSGO Skin

3. Praetorian

The Praetorian, brought from the Wildfire Case, is an admiral skin of Counter-Strike. “Semper Fidelis,” Always meaning “Faithful Always,” is inscribed on the side of the weapon. It is an affable and all-around striking skin to add to your loadout. 

MAG-7 Praetorian CSGO Skin

2. Cinquedea

By far the most expensive MAG-7 in the game, the Cinquedea is one of the most iconic skins introduced for the weapon. The reason for its popularity and high price is its demand for the AWP | The Prince trade-up, a very sought-after skin.

MAG-7 Cinquedea CSGO Skin

1. Heat

The Heat is a rare finish found on one other weapon, which suits this skin well. The orange outline glow and dark wrap accompany each other unmatched by any other skin.

MAG-7 Heat CSGO Skin

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the top ten MAG-7 skins in CS2. Feel free to comment if we missed out on an important skin or if you would have ordered the skins differently.

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