The P250 is one of the more popular pistols in Counter-Strike given its affordable price. It’s a useful pistol commonly bought during save rounds due to its high damage and cheap price. Here are our picks of the Best Looking Skins for the P250 in Counter-Strike.

Best P250 Skins in CSGO

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10. Mehndi

The P250 Mehndi is an old CSGO skin introduced in the Winter Offensive Weapon Case. The black and red skin has a beautiful free-flowing design based on Indian mehndi, also known as henna body art.

P250 Mehndi CSGO Skin

9. See Ya Later

The See Ya Later is the only covert P250 introduced to Counter-Strike. Released in the Spectrum 2 case, the skin features a robot alligator to symbolize its name, “See Ya Later, Alligator” theme.

P250 See Ya Later CSGO Skin

8. Visions

A relatively new P250 skin, the Visions is very vivid and colorful. A perfect choice for players who love super colorful skins. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive as it’s commonly used for trade-ups to the USP-S Printstream.

P250 Visions CSGO Skin

7. Nuclear Threat

A chemical disaster that was released in the original Nuke Collection. Its cool looks come with a cost, as it is currently the most expensive P250 skin in CSGO. The Nuclear Threat would be an excellent addition to your loadout if the price is not a problem.

P250 Nuclear Threat CSGO Skin

6. Undertow

It may be one of the game’s older skins, but it is still one of the best-looking. Released in the CSGO Weapon Case 3, the Undertow is expensive but is excellent if you want to have an epic blue-themed inventory.

P250 Undertow CSGO Skin
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5. Asiimov

As one of the most famous skins for the AWP, the Asiimov on any weapon is an awesome skin to have. It has a sleek design and is affordable in Field-Tested condition. A good pick to have, especially in an orange-themed loadout.

P250 Asiimov CSGO Skin

4. Muertos

The Muertos is hands down, one of the best red-colored skins in the game. Its low-key black and red colors go together like fine wine. Muertos translates to The Dead, a very deadly name for this gun.

P250 Muertos CSGO Skin

3. Franklin

Nothing says “I’m Rich” like having one-hundred dollar bills wrapped around a gun in a video game. Nevertheless, the Franklin is a classic skin in CSGO and a superb skin for your loadout.

P250 Franklin CSGO Skin

2. Whiteout

A minimalist’s dream skin. Introduced in Operation Bloodhound’s Chop Shop Collection, the Whiteout has a clean, polished white pattern that goes with any loadout. Unfortunately, the Whiteout is extremely rare to unbox in Factory New and is expensive.

P250 Whiteout CSGO Skin

1. Sand Dune

Hands down the most iconic meme skin in all of CS:GO. It would be an embarrassment not to include this beauty on the list. Also, being the cheapest skin on the market, the P250 Sand Dune is a necessary addition to your inventory.

P250 Sand Dune CSGO Skin

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the top ten P250 skins in CS:GO. Feel free to comment if we missed out on an important skin or if you would have ordered the skins differently.

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