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We depend on our writers to keep alive with fresh content. On this page, you will learn about what it takes to become a writer for and all the details behind it.


  • Solid understanding of the game/niche you are writing about
  • All submitted content needs to be 100% original (can not be copied elsewhere)
  • Must have original images and basic graphic design skills
  • Well researched and well-written in English

Article Topic Examples

  1. Game Tutorials (CSGO, Rust, Dota 2, Rocket League, and More)
    • Create easy-to-follow tutorials that answer a common problem or question.
  2. Digital Skin Market News (Primarily CSGO and Rust)
    • Create detailed articles on trending skin market news or ideas.
  3. Guider för huden (CSGO and Rust)
    • Create info guides or tier lists on skins.
  4. More Topics
    • The three categories above are just the surface of ideas. You can always suggest a topic for approval.


  1. Payment and Compensation
    1. The payment amount will vary depending on the quality and length of the blog post.
    2. Writers are often paid up to $125 for a well-written and researched article.
      1. Payouts can be requested in almost every popular payment method.
  2. Quality of Articles
    1. If your article is of poor quality, we will not publish it and you will receive zero compensation.
    2. All posts must contain images to keep readers entertained. You will need basic graphic design skills.
    3. All content must be 100% original, and must not include any copyrighted material.

Interested? Please send us an email including; your topics of interest (and experience in those games), your native language, English skills, whether or not you have graphic design/photoshop skills (including an edited image).

Make sure to include your Discord or Skype username, and any other details that would make you a valuable asset to us.