If you’re a fan of gold-covered gear, the Dragon Rage armor skins in Rust might be just what you’re looking for. These skins feature a black background with a golden dragon design that shimmers in the sunlight. The Dragon Rage armor has a skin available for most of Rust’s armor pieces, but for those that don’t have a Dragon Rage skin, we’ve found the best alternative.

If you want to make a statement with your armor set, the Dragon Rage set is sure to turn heads.

Rust Dragon Rage Armor Skins

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Dragon Rage-hjälm
Dragon Rage-hjälm Rust Skin
Dragon Rage huvtröja
Dragon Rage Hoodie Rust Skin
Dragon Rage ansiktsmask
Dragon Rage ansiktsmask Rust Skin
Blackout jacka
Blackout Jacket Rust Skin
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Dragon Rage väst
Dragon Rage Vest Rust Skin
Dragon Rage byxor
Dragon Rage Pants Rust Skin
Metalhunter handskar
Metalhunter-handskar Rust Skin
Stövlar med drakras
Dragon Rage Boots Rust Skin
Dragon Rage bröstplatta
Dragon Rage Bröstplatta Rust Skin
Dragon Rage Kilt
Dragon Rage Kilt Rust Skin
Dragon Rage handskar
Dragon Rage-handskar Rust Skin
Dragon Rage bandana
Dragon Rage Bandana Rust Skin

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the complete Dragon Rage skin gear set in Rust. Feel free to comment if we missed out on an important alternative skin or if you have any opinions on this armor set.

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