The golden weapon barrel in Rust has seen its price rise over the past few years. The chances of profiting from opening the barrel go down when its price increases.

Understanding the Weapon Barrel

Drop chances of skins inside the weapon barrel are entirely unknown. However, players are believed to receive a random weapon or tool skin from Rust. This may sound promising given that a few Rust weapon skins are valued at over one hundred dollars, but hundreds of unique weapon skins sell for less than two dollars.

Weapon barrels can be purchased on the Steam Community Market or crafted with the following recipe of Steam items.

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Are Weapon Barrels a Scam?

The price tag behind the golden weapon barrel is based on what the community thinks they’re worth. You are almost guaranteed to lose money upon opening at current market rates since the barrel price is so high compared to the potential skins.

So the barrels are not a scam since you know what you can receive and will receive an item, but it’s recommended never to open them because it takes a lot of luck to profit from them.

Every investment involves an unpredictable amount of risk. SkinLords writers’ are not financial advisers and do not claim to be financial advisers. Conduct your own research before making any financial decision.

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