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An honest review of SkinAuctions, exploring its unique features and offerings to players. Let’s uncover whether SkinAuctions is legit or not.

  • The first CS2 skin penny auction site
  • Every bid costs one credit, no matter the auction price
  • Has a great selection of auctions each hour
  • All players receive a substantial amount of free bids
  • Bids are non-refundable
  • Admins manually approve skin withdrawals

What is SkinAuctions?

SkinAuctions, a new platform launched in late 2023, allows players to bid on CS2 skins at a fraction of their market price. Participants earn bidding credits by depositing skins or using real-world payment methods. Each bid raises the auction by a penny, costing only one on-site credit.

There are often intense bidding battles as players try to be the last bidder and win their desired skin. SkinAuctions features an auction every few hours and they heavily range in price, but they do not host auctions during North American off-hours.

  • SkinAuctions Home Landing page

SkinAuctions was recently released, therefore we cannot confirm the legitimacy of the website.

How to Claim SkinAuctions’ Top-up Bonus

  1. Go to using our provided link
  2. Sign-into SkinAuctions
  3. Click on your Deposit in the top-menu
  4. Find the box to Enter an affiliate code to get bonus bids
  5. Enter code SKINLORDS
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