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  • Original Rust skin gambling site (2017)
  • Common to find high-roller games played
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • Rakeback and random flash giveaways
  • Live on-site chat
  • Outdated game animations and audio
  • All withdraws via Rust Skins

Rustypot at a glance

Rustypot is one of the first Rust skin gambling platforms created specifically for the Rust gamer community. Within this niche, Rustypot is a niche player itself, providing only two game modes: Jackpot and Coinflip. In line with this minimalist approach, deposit methods are limited to skins and gift cards, and withdrawals are limited to skins.

Since its launch in 2017, Rustypot has remained true to its roots in Rust and, contrary to other platforms of similar origin, has chosen not to extend its portfolio. This made Rustypot what it is today, namely, a jackpot and coinflip destination for Rust players with an unbeatable retro appeal.

Rustypot is a smaller niche gambling provider but an legacy institution in the Rust gambling space. It is known for Coinflip, Jackpot, and its retro appeal, with a loyal legacy following. This classic is worth checking out, particularly if you want a human counterpart when flipping a coin because, on Rustypot, someone is always active and ready to join your game. Make sure to check out our Rustypot code below to claim the correct promo code and enhance your gaming experience.

  • RustyPot Jackpot Game

How to Claim RustyPot’s Free Sign-up Bonus

  1. Go to using our provided link
  2. Sign-into RustyPot
  3. Click on your Profile Photo in the top-right and click on My Profile
  4. Find Grub Code (Referral Code)
  5. Redeem code LORDS
  6. Receive $1.00 worth of grub bucks to purchase Rust skins

Rustypot Rewards

On Rustypot, players may benefit from several promotions, giveaways, and rewards.

Firstly, there is the option to participate in the site’s Flash Giveaways, which you can join within a 2-minute time window by clicking “Join” as soon as the Giveaway feature is shown on the right side of the homepage. Secondly, by joining Rustypot’s Discord or Twitter, you gain access to further “exclusive” giveaways

Rustypot affiliate codes give new users a sign-up bonus for a certain amount of Grub Bucks, Rustypot’s virtual on-site currency, which can be redeemed for skins in Rustypot’s Grub Bucks shop.

Rustypot offers two Discord roles, HighRoller and VIP, which require 5,000 and 100,000 deposited, respectively. These Discord roles grant users access to role specific chat channels and daily giveaways. Not to mention, VIP players get premium support.

Last but not least, we want to mention Rustypot’s rakeback system, which rewards players with a small percentage of every bet they lose.

Rustypot rewards an affiliate with a percentage of a new or existing player’s deposit. Rustypot uses a tiered system to determine the percentage of each deposit an affiliate can earn. The lowest tier earns an affiliate 4% on a new player’s deposit and nothing on deposits of an existing player. For the highest deposit tier, an affiliate earns 10% on a new player’s deposit and 4% on deposits of an existing player.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options on Rustypot

As a true Rust skin gambling site, Rustypot lets players deposit Rust skins (via their Steam account) and CS:GO and TF2 skins (via third party Skinify). Users may also use giftcard deposits, which are processed by third-party platform Kinguin. - Grub Bucks Rewards

Rust Skins Gambling Experience

Our testers’ who reviewed Rustypot encountered a simple and clean design approach with rather plain graphics and animations but, most importantly, flawless implementation of its Rustypot Originals. This certainly defines the retro chic of the site.

Support tickets can be submitted by accessing Rustypot’s Discord. Additionally, as a backup, you can reach out to Rustypot support via email. The site also has a basic FAQ section to address the most common questions.

Rustypot, Licenses & Policies

Our review was not able to establish ownerships details for Rustypot, nor were we able to establish the existence of any license for Rustypot.

Apart from age verification, Rustypot doesn’t appear to enforce any regulatory detail. The site, however, states that it is not affiliated with Valve Corporation, Rust, or any other trademarks of the Valve Corporation.

Our review of Trustpilot and other review sites provided a mediocre picture of this site. Based on only 20 reviews submitted on Trustpilot, the casino’s score is 1.8 out of 5.0. Although the sample size is not representative, complaints revolve around scam allegations, lack of site moderation, and poor support.

Rustypot: Security, Fairness, and Page Traffic

The platform uses secure site communication and protocols (HTTPS) to ensure its users’ data integrity and the security of their financial transactions. The site has a valid certificate issued by GTS CA 1P5.

According to SimilarWeb, the URL receives over 200,000 monthly visits on average. About one-fifth of website traffic originates in the United States, with the remainder being quite evenly spread over the Americas, Europe, and Asia, reflecting the global nature of Rust’s player base. Traffic distribution between mobile and desktop is about equal.

Rustypot uses the third-party system as an independent source to determine the outcomes of their games.

Players have the ability to verify the outcome of a game once the round is completed, using Rustypot’s hashed and publicly displayed server seed on one hand and the seed that was generated by on the other hand.

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