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RustReaper Promo Codes: Online Casino and Sports Betting


  • Large selection of casino game originals
  • Sports betting
  • Variety of bonuses and free rewards
  • Clean user interface
  • No gambling license
  • No Rust design elements
  • No live casino games
  • No slots

RustReaper At a Glance

RustReaper is a crypto casino and sports betting site rooted in the Rust skin gambling space. Today, only its name and the deposit and withdrawal methods via Rust skins are remnants of this era. The site offers access to sixteen original casino games, from Roulette and Dice to Plinko and Crash. Additionally, the site offers a sports betting platform and links to the Rust skin marketplace RustSkins, which share the same owers. Its games are nearly identical to Stake’s game originals in design, graphics, color, functionality, and even font type. Players can make deposits via Rust skins, fiat currency, and with cryptocurrencies and withdraw Rust skins or cryptocurrencies.

Our Verdict

This is a good alternative if you like to play Stake’s original games or enjoy sports betting but can’t meet their strict compliance standards. RustReaper has nearly identical copies of all of Stake’s originals but poses lower barriers to accessing those games. It still features provably fair algorithms and an otherwise ethical gameplay philosophy. On the downside, don’t expect a platform as perfect as Stake since some site functionality seems defunct or outdated, and there is a lack of transparency about fees and Rakeback.

  • RustReaper Original Home Page

How to Claim Our Free Bonus

1.     Go to using our provided link

2.     Sign in to RustReaper with your Steam account

3.     Click on the Your Profile in the right menu

4.     Find the text box labeled as Bonus Code

5.     Enter code SKINLORDS

6.     Receive $0.50 of free on-site balance

Rakeback, Free Coins, and Other Rewards

RustReaper has a larger-than-average range of player rewards in place. Here is an overview.

There is Rain on RustReaper, a feature that gives out free coins to everyone who manages to click the “here” button when it appears in the site chat. This occurs every 2-28 minutes.

There is no Faucet on RustReaper, but there is a faucet-like feature called “Jackpot,” which pays hourly to players who join it.

RustReaper has a rakeback system in place. Typically, rakeback pays a percentage of a player’s wagers back as a redeemable bonus. It is unclear how the rakeback on RustReaper is calculated, but the site states that Rakebacks can be claimed as instant, daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses.

RustReaper rewards affiliates who refer new players to the website. It is easy to create affiliate bonus codes and an affiliate invite link. The affiliate reward is calculated as a percentage of their referrals’ wager. Depending on the number of depositors, this commission percentage varies from 0.25% to 0.7%.

Some of the remaining rewards on RustReaper are less common. Here is a brief summary:

  • Earn free skins with Surveys: players who register and complete surveys on RustOffers can earn dollars, which RustReaper converts into free skins for withdrawal.
  • Win a Tesla Cybertruck: for every $1,000 in casino game wagers, players receive one raffle ticket for a chance to win a Tesla Cybertruck and thousands of dollars in monetary giveaways during a drawing on January 5, 2025.
  • Promo Codes: players can find promo codes on RustReaper’s social media channels and redeem them in the Rewards section.
  • Free Daily Rewards: As the name suggests, players can redeem a daily reward based on their weekly activity level.
  • Name Rewards: players who add #rustreaper to their name and meet other requirements can redeem $0.25 daily.

RustReaper Online Games

RustReaper offers the following online casino games: Baccarat, Blackjack, Crash, Dice, Goal, Hilo, Keno, Limbo, Mines, Multi Blackjack, Multi Hilo, Plinko, Roulette, Slots, War, and Wheel. Here are some general facts for all available games:

  • All games are provably fair, each with a different algorithm based on server seed, client seed, and nonce.
  • Is there a maximum bet amount? Yes. The betting limit on Roulette is $1,818.18. The betting limit on Crash is $6,060.60.
  • One “SkinDollar” equates to US$1.00, one US dollar. On similar sites, such coins have no real currency value but are used to withdraw skins from the marketplace (or cash out in cryptocurrency).

In the following sections, we discuss three of RustReaper’s game highlights.

Crash is a must-have online casino game. On Rustreaper, players find a classic version of this game, which requires players to bet on how high a multiple can rise before the game crashes. An exciting animation nicely illustrates the multiple’s rise, making this a fast-paced and riveting gamble. Players must only judge how lucky they feel, determine the wager and cash-out value, and click the Bet button. We attest to a smooth gameplay with clean graphics and an exciting feel.

How can I win the Crash Jackpot?

Rustreaper’s Crash Jackpot is a special prize for Crash players. To participate in the jackpot, players must play Crash. The winner receives 75% of the jackpot, and the remainder will be split among all the other players.

This standard implementation of European Roulette involves chips, a wheel, and a roulette table. After choosing their chips, players place them by clicking on the corresponding areas of the table. The player clicks on the Start button to start the game, and the wheel animation kicks in. The result is determined by a random number generator, and the payout is based on the winning number.

Like in the actual table game, players can place inside bets like straight up, split, street, and so on. They can also conveniently place outside bets, including odd or even, red or black, high or low. The game animation is pleasant, and the gameplay is intuitive.

Hilo is a popular card game in which players predict whether the next card drawn from a standard deck of cards is higher or lower in value than the previously drawn card. The value of the previous card determines the odds of the next card being higher or lower and, thus, the payout to the player if the player’s prediction is correct.

Like many online hilo games, RustReaper’s implementation allows additional betting options. These include which color (red or black) will be drawn next, whether a number or a face card will be drawn, or if a special card (ace or joker) will be drawn.

The user interface is friendly and intuitive, the graphics and sounds are engaging, and the gameplay overall is very enjoyable.

Sports Betting and Live Streams at RustReaper Sportsbook

Like’s online sportsbook, RustReaper’s allows for easy sports betting across a selection of the biggest sports in the world. Sports gamblers can bet on their favorite sport, including Soccer, Basketball, MMA, eSports, Hockey, Cricket, American Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Baseball, Darts, Formula One and many more, even including Politics & Entertainment.

This means that RustReaper has you covered to bet on the biggest leagues and tournaments like UFC, English Premier League, NBA, NFL, CFL, MLB, Serie A, La Liga. Stake’s sportsbook also covers eSport leagues such as League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2.

Featuring live sports betting for enthusiasts who want to bet whilst the event is taking place, RustReaper offers live betting options to suit the most active sports bettors! Via RustReaper’s free live-streaming platform, you can place in-play wagers while watching the event in real-time!

RustReaper Ownership, Licenses, and Regulatory Compliance

Is RustReaper legit? Or is It a scam? Given this site’s long history of changes, many have asked these questions. In this section, we reviewed pertinent elements of legitimacy.

Little is known definitively about RustReaper’s history. The website domain name was first registered in 2003 and experienced several ownership changes. Allegedly, Felix Roemer from Gamdom, a reputable crypto casino, was involved at some point. Soon after it’s launch RustReaper came out with a new appearance and a more extensive selection of games.

The website does not provide ownership information; however, it is rumored that the current owner also runs a Runescape gambling site.

A gambling license for RustReaper doesn’t exist.

RustReaper’s terms of service address the user’s rights and obligations, including a privacy policy and cookie policy, limits of liability, and related matters. Users must be 18 or older; no verification or explicit user consent is required.

Unlike most other crypto casinos, RustReaper’s terms of service don’t cover key regulatory elements like AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer). However, they state that user identification may be requested to comply with money laundering laws.

The terms of service stipulate that residents of Curacao are excluded from using RustReaper and state that the user must comply with local gambling laws without providing further details or a list of restricted countries, thus creating a grey area regarding compliance.

In summary, while regulatory elements are addressed, they lack detail, specifically on legal compliance and dispute resolution, creating somewhat of a grey area for users.

RustReaper is honest about the risks that gambling poses for some, particularly when chasing luck becomes an addiction that they can no longer afford. We give them high marks for addressing this issue, providing tools, and directing users to online resources to help them stop.

Users can request that RustReaper close their account for at least 6 months. During this time, it will not be possible for the account to be re-opened for any reason under RustReaper’s “responsible gaming self-exclusion policy” by emailing customer support. Further, for those users who struggle, two resources are referenced: and Gamblers Anonymous.

Gambling Experience on RustReaper

Our testers found a near-identical copy of’s games on RustReaper, bringing the same clean design, nice graphics, and flawless gambling experience to this website. Other aspects, such as the user profile, the Rewards section, and the integration of other platforms like RustOffers, are less cleanly implemented. We also found minor web design flaws and missing content.

As a first-level support option, we recommend checking the site’s FAQ section for basic questions. However, we noticed that the FAQ section is not fully current. For example, it references game modes like “Tradeup,” presumably the skin gambling classic Upgrader, which no longer exists on RustReaper today. Such a lack of diligence makes us question the validity of other information.

Users can also open a trouble ticket by navigating to the Support tab under the user’s name. Technical questions and support issues are directed to email support at [email protected]. The site’s live chat is not always moderated, but if you’re lucky, a moderator is present to address questions.

RustReaper has accounts on Discord with about six thousand members and Twitch with about one thousand followers. Its largest media channel is X (formerly Twitter), with over 12,000 followers.

RustReaper has a live chat on its site. The English-language chat room appears to be very active at most times of the day. Users can also toggle to a less active Russian and Turkish chat room. The site itself only appears to exist in an English version.

Fairness, Website Security, and Trustworthiness

All games are provably fair, and common web security and trust standards are observed. Most reviews have been mixed, with negatives now mostly from years past.

RustReaper stresses its focus on providing a fun and fair gambling experience. In furtherance of that claim, each game outcome is deterministic and verifiable, meaning it can’t be tampered with. Depending on the game’s nature, different algorithms are applied based on the concepts of server seed, client seed, and nonce.

RustReaper uses secure site communication and protocols (HTTPS). The website has a valid GTS CA 1P5 certificate issued by Google Trust Services.

According to Similarweb, the website receives around 70,000 monthly page visits, with around 40% of traffic coming from Russia.

User reviews on Trustpilot and other review sites leave a largely negative impression about RustReaper. Based on over 50 reviews submitted on Trustpilot, RustReaper scores 3.5 out of 5.0, with a disappointing 50% of all reviewers giving a 1.0 rating. Bad reviews, however, mostly date to the years 2021-2023, giving testimony of the site’s mixed history, and might no longer reflect it’s current state.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options on RustReaper

True to its roots in Rust skin gambling, RustReaper lets players deposit Rust skins via a player’s Steam account.

There is no option to make fiat deposits with a credit or debit card like MasterCard or Visa. However, players can use those payment methods and others, depending on their country of residence, to buy cryptocurrency via Banxa, a third-party crypto service, through a link on RustReaper.

Further, players are offered the option to deposit via gift cards from Kinguin and G2A. These third-party platforms provide a wide variety of payment methods, depending on your region, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe Card, WebMoney, GooglePay, Trustly, and many more.

Lastly, players may deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT on ERC-20 blockchain), and DogeCoin(DOGE).

Deposit bonuses vary depending on the player’s deposit method. To claim a promo code, players may enter it in the deposit section.

Withdrawal of funds is possible via Rust skins and cryptocurrencies. For Rust skin withdrawal, players use RustReaper’s marketplace RustSkins. To prevent abuse, certain restrictions apply.

Cryptocurrencies available for withdrawal are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT on ERC-20 blockchain), and DogeCoin(DOGE). Processing can take up to 24 hours, and fees apply.

Can a user transfer coins from their balance to another account? Yes – at least in theory. RustReaper’s tipping feature should allow users to transfer coins to a secondary account or a friend’s account by selecting the other user name in chat. To tip, a user needs to have deposited $1 and wagered at least $30.

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