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  • Nine original games with great animations
  • Live on-site chat
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • Generous rakeback rewards
  • All withdrawals through Rust skins
  • Customer support only on Discord
  • Predatory practices
  • Functional issues

Rustmoment At a Glance

Rustmoment is a Rust skin gambling site with nine original game modes, including skin gambling classics Cases and Case Battles and quasi-originals like “X-Roulette,” which combines elements of Crash and Roulette, an idea originally pioneered by Rollbit Casino. Rustmoment offers Rakeback rewards that are given out as daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses, Rain, and other incentives. Players can deposit skins or cryptocurrencies but withdraw only Rust skins.

Our Verdict for Rustmoment

If you like the privacy of playing on a dead site, this is your place to go. Although the website has been around since 2021, Rustmoment has failed to develop a meaningful following in the Rust player community due to poor community engagement, slow support, functional issues, predatory practices, and negative customer feedback.

Rustmoment is disappointing as a site that gets as little love from its owners as the players who gave it a chance but hardly ever returned. A plethora of games and rewards that appear beneficial at first glance don’t make up for Rustmoment’s shortcomings.

  • RustMoment Leaderboard

How to Claim Our Free Bonus with an Account

  1. Go to using our provided link
  2. Sign in to RustMoment with your Steam account
  3. Click on the rewards box icon in the left menu
  4. Find the text box labeled as Affiliate code
  5. Enter code SKINLORDS
  6. Your balance will be credited with an exclusive bonus of 600 on-site credits

Rakeback, Free Daily Cases, and Other Rewards

Rustmoment has several player rewards in place – here is an overview. Note for reference that 1,000 Rustmoment Coins (credits) equal $1.00.

Rustmoment has Rain, which starts when a specific, unspecified wager threshold on the site has been met. The distributed amount is based on wagers and players’ tips to the Rain pot. The more one wagers, the more they receive from Rain. Half goes to all those who join Rain, and the other half to the “high rollers” among those. It is unclear what qualifies a high roller in this context.

Every 24 hours, players can open a free daily case on Rustmoment. Daily cases increase in value as the player levels up. Specific common requirements apply. Additionally, players are offered “Deposit Cases.” A Deposit Case is a free case that can be opened when a player deposits $10 or more in a 24-hour period. Information about the cases’ values is unavailable.

Players can redeem free coins and access promotional offers with a flash code. However, Flash Codes come with strings attached. Players must have made deposits of 2,000 coins or more. Otherwise, withdrawals are limited to 5,000 coins. Rustmoment states that Flash Codes can be found on X (formerly Twitter), Discord, and Instagram, but we haven’t seen many recent Flash Codes released, and there is no Rustmoment Instagram.

Yes, there is a Faucet on Rustmoment. Players can claim 30 coins every 15 minutes.

Depending on their rank, players fall into one of four Rakeback tiers. Rakeback for the lowest tier amounts to 0.45% of the player’s wagers. Rakeback for the highest tier is 1.5% of the player’s wagers. Rakebacks are given out as daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses.

Rustmoment rewards players who invite others with 2.5% of the deposits under their affiliate code.

Rustmoment Online Games

Rustmoment has a total of nine game modes.

This site offers skin gambling classics Cases and Case Battles. The games are standard, drawing elements from best-in-class implementations, as seen on Bandit.Camp and RustClash or RustyLoot.

Rustmoment’s “Originals” include online casino game classics Roulette, Mines, and Towers.

X-Games are mostly quasi-originals like “X-Roulette,” which combines elements of Crash and Roulette, an idea originally pioneered by Rollbit Casino. Others include X-Jackpot, X-Duels, and X-Plinko.

Rustmoment Ownership, Licenses, and Regulatory Compliance

Is Rustmoment legit? Or is Rustmoment a scam? Many have asked these questions given their experiences with Rustmoment. In this section, we reviewed pertinent elements of legitimacy.

Rustmoment was first launched in late 2021 but would eventually close for maintenance for more than six months. In 2023, it re-opened with a new appearance, a larger selection of games, and improved game animations.

The website does not provide ownership or contact information, but it is rumored that Rustmoment is owned and operated by two developers.

A gambling license of Rustmoment doesn’t exist.

Rustmoment operates in the somewhat unregulated skin gambling niche. Unlike most other Rust gambling sites, Rustmoment’s terms of service don’t cover key regulatory elements like AML (Anti-Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Customer), or privacy, refund, and cookie policies, nor do they address legal requirements. Further, although there is an age requirement, no verification or explicit player consent is required.

Rustmoment states that it is “not available in all regions, countries, or states,” but it does not list restricted jurisdictions. Instead, the site requires the user to find out if they can legally access, which is an approach that most would find disingenuous.

There is a self-ban option on Rustmoment. However, there is no advice on responsible gambling practices or referral to available help if needed.

Gambling Experience on Rustmoment

Rustmoment’s design elements are basic and not very engaging, except for the graphic design of cases. The gameplay is straightforward, except for the X-game category, which can confuse less experienced players. The website has a history of having bugs, and some links don’t work.

As a first-level support option, we recommend checking the site’s FAQ section for basic questions. Users can also try to reach support via Rustmoment’s Discord and open a trouble ticket. Support is slow and unambitious, and live chat moderation is lacking in standard, reflecting poor customer service.

Rustmoment has accounts on Discord and X (formerly Twitter) but is rather inactive on both platforms. Although a Rustmoment Instagram is mentioned, it doesn’t exist.

Fairness, Website Security, and Trustworthiness

Caveats in this website’s terms of service regarding the ownership of bonus rewards and account closure or suspension conditions make us weary. We recommend caution, as our impressions are validated by user comments in the live chat and on review sites. In other words, it pays to read the fine print before playing on this site.

Rustmoment uses provably fair systems for all games, incorporating EOS blockchain technology and client/server seed, respectively, as indicated. The result is a fully deterministic, transparent, and publicly verifiable approach to generating game results. Players can verify the fairness of game outcomes independently with information from their games and by following detailed instructions on Rustmoment.

Rustmoment uses secure site communication and protocols (HTTPS). The website has a valid GTS CA 1P5 certificate issued by Google Trust Services.

According to Similarweb, the website received only around 20,000 monthly page visits, with no country being particularly dominant.

User reviews on Trustpilot and other review sites leave a largely negative impression about Rustmoment. Based on about a dozen reviews submitted on Trustpilot, Rustmoment scores 2.4 out of 5.0, with about 90% of all reviewers giving a 1.0 or 2.0 rating. Negative reviews mostly relate to withdrawal issues, bugs, and bad customer support.

We noticed some red flags when testing the site and reviewing its terms of service. Firstly, all coins received from bonuses, including Leaderboard, Rakeback, and Faucet, are property of Rustmoment, which raises questions about the validity of these bonus programs.

Secondly, players must agree to Rustmoment changing their balance if they are “found doing something or suspected of doing something that goes against the rules and terms of service […].” Unfortunately, we found the terms of service ambiguous and lacking in detail, possibly creating contention.

Thirdly, Rustmoment’s terms and the rules of engagement are often unclear or lacking completely. This creates arbitrariness and an overall lack of transparency. As a result, this website has been mentioned in conjunction with predatory practices.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options on Rustmoment

Although more limited than comparable sites like Rustly, RustStake, or RustBounty, deposit, and withdrawal options are common, except for Skinsdrip, a third-party service provider that couldn’t be independently verified. We must attest to a lack of transparency about fees and other costs.

Rustmoment offers three deposit methods on its site. First, players can deposit Rust skins from their Steam account. Second, players can make Visa or MasterCard deposits via a service called Skinsdrip. Third, a selection of cryptocurrencies is available for deposit. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT on ERC-20 and TRC-20, respectively), USD Coin (USDC), and Ripple (XRP).

Rustmoment offers only one withdrawal method on its site: players can withdraw Rust skins to their Steam account.

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