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  • Provably fair system, including EOS technology
  • Low house edge
  • Experienced team running the site
  • Limited countries supported
  • There are no live dealer games or slots

RustBounty At a Glance

RustBounty is a new contender in the Rust skins gambling space. The website offers Case Unboxing and Case Battles, two classic skin games, Wheel (implemented akin to Roulette), and Raffles, a unique game mode conceptually similar to spinner battles. Players can deposit and withdraw using Rust skins or cryptocurrencies. Incentives include Rain, Rakeback, and promo codes, including affiliate codes.

Our Verdict for RustBounty

Given the recent launch, it is too early to give a definitive verdict, but RustBounty has all the ingredients for a successful journey. The team behind this website are veterans in skin gambling, having created CSGOBounty in 2016 and BountyGG, a crypto-focused platform, in 2019.

RustBounty’s value proposition centers on being entirely provably fair, low house edge and fees, and generous rewards with the goal of giving back a third of their gross margin. We wish them and their player community the best of luck!

  • - Roulette Original Game

How to Claim Our RustBounty Bonus Code

  1. Follow these easy steps
  2. Go to using our provided link
  3. Sign-into RustBounty
  4. Click on “Free” in the top right-hand corner
  5. Enter promo code LORDS

Rewards, Promotions, and Other Incentives on RustBounty

Rains happen at a random time every 20 to 40 minutes. Rain basically works as rakeback but with a twist. Every time you wager, 10% of the house edge will go towards your personal rain pot. Every time you claim rain, you’ll get 40% of what is in this personal pot. The amount you get from rain will gradually go down until you wager again. Rain can also get tipped. The tipped amount will be evenly spread amongst those who joined based on their wager in the past seven days.

RustBounty’s Rakeback implementation is straightforward and geared toward immediate gratification. Players can claim instant rakeback immediately after or during their gaming session. Rakeback is credited instantly and amounts to 10% of the house edge from your wagers, regardless of your level on the site.

RustBounty rewards players who invite others through their affiliate system. New players get a free welcome bonus of 0.25 BountyCoin credits, subject to offer availability. Affiliates earn 10% of the house edge from their referrals’s wagers as long as they are under and using their affiliate code.

RustBounty Online Games

RustBounty offers four original house games: Case Battles, Cases (Case Unboxing), Wheel, and Raffles. Our testers found these games to be cleanly implemented, with a fair house edge, and working smoothly.

Case Battles is a standard game mode on all skin gambling sites. Usually, players have many options to create and customize their battles. These start with the basic battle configuration, including the cases, number of players, and game mode. On RustBounty, you can configure your battle to include up to four players or play two versus two (2v2), and you can choose between battle royale (default) and cursed.

Cases is RustBounty’s case unboxing game mode, which allows players to open cases containing Rust skins. The case cost is set based on the skins it contains and ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Players can open cases one at a time or multiple ones at a time. The items won from opening cases are immediately turned into on-site balance. Players can use that balance won to further gamble on the site or choose to withdraw them to their Steam account inventory.

Players can join the “Wheel,” a roulette-like game, about twice every minute. You have 25 seconds to decide where to place your bets. There are 15 slots, with 7 being Purple and Black tiles each and one Green tile. If the wheel stops on Purple or Black, the win multiplier is 2. If it stops on Green, the win multiplier is 14.

Every round on “Wheel” has a 2% chance of turning into a “Golden Round”. The Golden Round all doubles the Wheel multipliers. For instance, if you hit Green during a Golden Round, your multiplier will be 28 instead of 14. And your multiplier is 4 instead of 2 for the Purple and Black tiles.

RustBounty Raffles are multiplayer games for 2 to 5 players in which every player has a chance of winning a “pot,” depending on the number of tickets they buy. You can create a game by selecting the number of players you want to participate, deciding how many tickets you want, and contributing Coins or skins to your pot.

RustBounty Ownership, Licenses, and Regulatory Compliance

RustBounty is a new platform which was launched in May 2024. The owners behind RustBounty are veterans in the skin gambling industry. They created CSGOBounty in 2016, which was on par with competitors like CSGOEmpire and Gamdom then, and BountyGG, a crypto-focused platform, in 2019. With RustBounty, the team returned to their skin gambling roots.

A gambling license of RustBounty doesn’t exist.

RustBounty strives for regulatory compliance in the somewhat unregulated market of skin gambling. Most importantly, players who log into (using their Steam account credentials) consent to the site’s terms and conditions and confirm that they are 18 or older. The terms include standard language for acceptable use, liability, and related.

RustBounty restricts usage of its platform for a list of countries and jurisdictions, including the following: Albania, American Samoa, Aruba, Australia, Bonaire, Curacao, Cyprus, Cuba, Denmark, Gibraltar, Guam, Haiti, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Lithuania, Malta, Myanmar, the Netherlands, North Korea, Northern Mariana Islands, Nicaragua, Ontario, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saint Martin, Saba, Spain, Slovakia, South Sudan, Statia, St. Maarten, St. Martin, Sweden, Syria, The United Kingdoms, the United States and all of its territories, including but not limited to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe. Further, residents of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea Regions are barred from accessing RustBounty.

Gambling Experience on RustBounty

RustBounty has all the key ingredients to become a successful Rust skin gambling site. The design is clean and pleasant, the pages load fast on desktop and mobile, the games are engaging and easy to understand, and all the right incentives – from Rakeback to attractive bonus offers – are in place.

RustBounty lets users access multiple support channels. As a first-level support option, we recommend checking the site’s FAQ section for basic questions. Users can also reach support via the site’s live chat and a moderated on-site chat option.

RustBounty is active on Discord and X (formerly Twitter), and more will follow. It pays to review those social media channels for free coins or codes, such as bonus codes and promo code offers from sponsors and RustBounty directly.

Fairness, Website Security, and Trustworthiness

RustBounty promotes its provably fair games as a key selling point. In that spirit, users find detailed explanations of how game results are generated and how to verify them independently if desired.

RustBounty prides itself on being on par with market leader Stake because the website employs the same implementation for every verifiable bet: a client seed, a server seed, a nonce, and a cursor for input for the RNG (random number generator) function.

It is worth noting that RustBounty uses EOS blockchain technology for their case battles, a fully deterministic and publicly verifiable approach to random number generation. This is widely considered the “gold standard” in online gambling.

RustBounty uses secure site communication and protocols (HTTPS). The website has a valid GTS CA 1P5 certificate issued by Google Trust Services.

The website is just starting, so no representative website traffic is available for analysis.

Our review finds RustBounty legit and trustworthy based on the founding team’s track record in the industry and the technologies implemented on the platform.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options on RustBounty

RustBounty aims to process deposits and withdrawals quickly. Large withdrawals require manual confirmation, which should not introduce any noticeable delay.

RustBounty offers two deposit methods on its site. Players can deposit Rust skins from their Steam account or a selection of cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT on ERC-20), and USD Coin (USDC) for deposit on the RustBounty website.

RustBounty offers two withdrawal methods on its site. Players can withdraw Rust skins to their Steam account. Cryptocurrencies Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) are also available for withdrawal.

There are no withdrawal limits, but players must wager at least 100% of the deposited amount before initiating a withdrawal.

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