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An unbiased review of LootBear showing you all the features they have to offer. We uncover whether or not LootBear is legit and safe.

  • Play with expensive skins for a limited time
  • Simple easy-to-use webpage design
  • List your skins for rent and generate income
  • Great marketplace to purchase CS:GO skins
  • Only supports CS:GO skins
  • Real money withdrawals only through PayPal
  • No peer-to-peer trading integration

What is LootBear?

LootBear is really an all-in-one CS:GO skin platform. You can buy, sell, and rent skins, which is something no other website offers. LootBear’s renting feature lets users rent-out expensive skins for a low and affordable price. Plans start at only $15 a month; this plan would allow you to play with $400 worth of CSGO skins for a month before you send them back to LootBear.

LootBear’s buying and selling skins feature is just as cool as their renting feature. You can instantly sell skins at 60% of standard market value for real money and buy skins for 30% less than Steam’s market value.

  • LootBear Item Marketplace

Is LootBear Legit?

Yes, LootBear is legitimate. Here’s a quick summary;

  • Trusted by the largest CSGO YouTuber’s and influencers
  • Your payments to LootBear are secure and encrypted
  • Very transparent and trusted skin marketplace
  • Built a great reputation over several years of operating
  • Runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection. You can verify this by checking the left-hand side of the website’s address, and there should be a padlock showing that it’s secure
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LootBear Details

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