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Here is our honest review of CSGOExo, showing all the CSGO trading features to offer. We uncover whether CSGOExo is legit or not.

  • The trading fees on CSGOExo are fair
  • Has a large inventory of skins, including options for all price ranges
  • +1% trading value bonus available
  • Lacks important trading site features
  • Only supports trading of CSGO skins
  • Users cannot withdraw real money
  • The investing program offered by CSGOExo is questionable

What is CSGOExo?

CSGOExo is a website that allows users to trade CSGO skins with a bot. It was launched in 2020, but it lacks several features that are commonly found on other skin trading sites. For example, users can only deposit and withdraw CSGO skins and not any other form of currency. Despite this limitation, CSGOExo is a convenient platform for trading skins and has an impressive selection of skins.

CSGOExo offers an investment option where users can earn a monthly interest of up to 2% on their site balance. However, it is not advisable to invest in this platform due to its large inventory, lack of updates, and declining number of monthly users.

  • CSGOExo Sort from Expensive

Is CSGOExo Legit?

We believe that CSGOExo is a legitimate platform for trading skins, but we do not endorse their investment program. Here is a summary of our positive opinions:

  • Has a large inventory of skins worth millions of dollars
  • The trading fees on CSGOExo are based on the rarity of the items being traded
  • Only allows users to deposit and withdraw using CSGO skins
  • The website runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection, which you can verify by looking for a padlock icon on the left side of the address bar. This indicates that your connection is secure
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