• Possibly the most colorful case to date, the Prisma 2 collection includes several eye-catching skins.
  • This case was released on March 31st, which is also the same day that Operation Shattered Web ended.

The Prisma 2 Collection

Most players thought the original Prisma case was good, so it’s fitting that the Prisma 2 is equally as good if not better than the original. There are no new knives or gloves released in this collection, and Horizon Knives in Chroma finishes will take place as rare special items.

Here’s our pick of the top 5 best skins in the Prisma 2 collection;

  • Glock-18 | Bullet Queen

This Case Wasn’t Supposed to Be Normal

Operation Shattered Web introduced agents to CSGO as custom player models that are similar to skins. Players can pick-and-choose which agent they want to use when they play Counter-Strike.

This addition led many to think that the next case would be full of agents, making the ones from Shattered Web not as valuable. Obviously this wasn’t true, and this led to agents’ skyrocketing in price. Most went on to double in price but was short-lived as prices began to fall back after a few hours.

Prof. Shahmat | Steam Price History


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