Many large figures in the CS:GO community have vouched for the Shattered Web Case as an insane investment opportunity. This led to the case becoming the most hyped CSGO item investment in the past few years.

  • The Shattered Web Case was discontinued after the Operation came to an end.
  • Many popular YouTubers claim prices of this case will exceed the Bravo Case over a long period of time.

An opportunity to exceed the Bravo Case

It has been many years since a CS:GO item has received more hype than the Shattered Web Case. The case contains a unique set of knives unavailable to any other case in CS:GO, and there is a chance that these knives will never be released again in future cases. The case could become so rare over time that prices could reach new levels.

We think this outcome is unlikely and fully expect Valve to release these exclusive knives in future cases. The ‘what if’ question brings so many to invest in Shattered Web since a complete set of knives in a discontinued case would mean an insane investment.

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Big figures are backing the Shattered Web

Many influential YouTubers posted videos of them saying the Shattered Web Case is a wise investment in response to the discontinued Shattered Web. This led to a steep incline in Shattered Web Case prices increasing 200% within a few hours. After nearly a month, the average sale price has returned to $0.80. The case’s worth before the announcement.

YouTuber TDM_Heyzeus, an Australian YouTuber who talks about CS:GO skins, created multiple videos on the Shattered Web Case totaling well over 300,000 views. Heyzeus was hopeful about the success of the case, saying:

“I think this is probably a deliberate attempt to make the case more exclusive, to make the operation more special.”

TDM_Heyzeus (YouTuber)

Heyzeus continued, saying: “These things are completely gone. They’re not going to drop again. This a trendy case. People are almost certainly going to keep opening them in large numbers.”

Our Prediction

The Shattered Web Case is unique and has various attributes that could become rare and in high demand. The exclusive knife set and a finite number of cases create a recipe for an expensive case. Opening cases will eat away at the supply, and over many years the value of Shattered Web Cases’ could exceed the Hydra Case and the Bravo Case.

These predictions all stem from the idea that Shattered Web Cases will have an exclusive set of knives inside. If Valve decides to include these knives in future cases, you may throw your Shattered Web Cases down the gutter. There is no doubt the Shattered Web Case is a risky investment, and that’s why the possible profits could be insane.

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Every investment involves an unpredictable amount of risk. SkinLords writers’ are not financial advisers and do not claim to be financial advisers. Conduct your own research before making any decision.

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