The metal facemask is essential to any end-game armor set in Rust. Over 130 unique facemask skins have been released through the Rust item store or as Twitch Drops. Some of these skins can be very expensive. Here is a list of the top ten most expensive metal facemask skins currently available in the game.

Top 10 Most Expensive Metal Facemask Skins in Rust

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10. Kayak Helmet

The kayak helmet is one of the strangest skins in Rust since it does not look like it should be a metal facemask, which is why so many players love this skin.

Kayak Helmet Facemask Rust Skin

9. Aztek Night Hunter

The Aztek Night Hunter skin is considered a “budget Big Grin” as it has a similar design but without a triple-digit price tag.

Aztek Night Hunter Facemask Rust Skin

8. Sacrificial Facemask

As the third oldest facemask in Rust, the Sacrificial Facemask has always been a pricey skin due to its small supply and fitting well with many Rust armor sets.

Sacrificial Facemask Rust Skin

7. Stainless Facemask

The Stainless Facemask is a very neutral-looking skin that shot up in price in early 2021. It is arguably the best facemask skin for any armor set meant for roaming the snow biome.

Stainless Facemask Rust Skin

6. Frostbite

Even though the Frostbite facemask gives a competitive disadvantage due to glowing in the dark, it is a favorite to many as it’s an awesome-looking skin.

Frostbit Facemask Rust Skin
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5. Legendary Gold Facemask

As the only purely gold facemask in Rust, the Legendary Gold Facemask is the go-to for anyone who loves golden items.

Legendary Gold Facemask Rust Skin

4. Glowing Skull

Similar to Frostbite, the Glowing Skull facemask gives a competitive disadvantage due to glowing brightly in the dark. Players clearly don’t mind this issue, as it’s become Rust’s fourth most expensive facemask.

Glowing Skull Facemask Rust Skin

3. Tempered Mask

The Tempered Mask is an old skin that had no other Tempered armor pieces for several years. However, Rust has recently released more Tempered armor skins which have caused this facemask to decline in price.


2. Big Grin

As the first metal facemask skin released to Rust, the Big Grin is very expensive but awesome-looking. Its simple white and black design lets it work great with nearly any Rust armor set.

Big Grin Facemask Rust Skin

1. Punishment Mask

Many Rust players have never heard of the Punishment Mask because it is absurdly expensive and rare. This facemask will often sell at or near the maximum Steam community market value of $2,000, forcing players to use third-party Rust skin marketplaces to purchase or sell this item.

Punishment Facemask Rust Skin

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the Top Ten Most Expensive Metal Facemask Skins in Rust. Feel free to comment if we missed out on an important skin or if some prices have dramatically changed.

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