The AUG has been an automatic rifle for the CT-side in the Counter-Strike series for over two decades. However, despite its longevity, nearly all players tend to favor the M4A4 or M4A1-S, leading to a scarcity of AUG skins and a lack of extremely pricey ones.

In 2019, the AUG briefly enjoyed a surge in popularity as players discovered its superiority over the M4, but its usage dwindled after a nerf to its damage statistics. Nonetheless, for those interested, here are the top five most expensive AUG skins available in CS2.

Most Expensive AUG Skins in CSGO

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5. Copperhead

The AUG Copperhead skin has a dull appearance and is prone to numerous scratches because of its limited float range, preventing it from reaching the factory-new condition. Featured in the Dust collection, which is no longer a map in CS2, this skin is exceptionally scarce and is typically utilized in trade-ups to obtain the Desert Eagle Blaze, the priciest skin for the Desert Eagle in CS2.

AUG Copperhead CSGO Skin

4. Midnight Lily

The St. Marc Collection, known for the pricey AK-47 Wild Lotus, also includes The Midnight Lily. This skin displays holographic water lily flowers on a plain grey backdrop, resulting in a pleasant design. However, its exorbitant cost can be attributed to its role in trade-up contracts to the Wild Lotus.

AUG Midnight Lily CSGO Skin

3. Flame Jörmungandr

The AUG Flame Jörmungandr, a Restricted rarity skin from The Norse Collection, features an intricate orange and yellow design that covers most of the weapon. Unfortunately, this skin is frequently burned in trade-up contracts leading to the AWP Gungnir, which happens to be the second most expensive AWP skin in CS2.

AUG Flame Jormungandr CSGO Skin

2. Hot Rod

Like the previous three AUG skins, the Hot Rod is commonly used in trade-up contracts for the notorious Glock-18 Fade. Nevertheless, owing to its vibrant red appearance, the Hot Rod is a popular design in CS2, and wealthy players often use it as a play skin rather than a trade-up commodity.

AUG Hot Rod CSGO Skin

1. Akihabara Accept

The Akihabara Accept skin holds the highest tier as a covert in The Rising Sun Collection, above even the notorious AK-47 Hydroponic, and is undoubtedly the priciest AUG skin in CS2. It showcases a military-clad anime girl adorned with abundant Japanese lettering. Although it was once considered strange, numerous skins with heavy anime themes have since been released in CS2.

AUG Akihabara Accept CSGO Skin
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We trust that our guide on the priciest AUG skins in CS2 was helpful to you. If we inadvertently overlooked any significant skins or if there have been significant changes in prices, please inform us by leaving a comment.

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