Our guide on the Karambit Black Pearl has every actual Black Pearl seed pattern for the Karambit Doppler in CSGO.

What Makes a Doppler Pattern Considered a Black Pearl?

The Doppler knife pattern in CS:GO is known to have four unique phases and three infrequent patterns. We’re covering the Black Pearl pattern in this guide. This pattern is one of the three rare patterns that come with the doppler. It can be difficult for some to spot a genuine black pearl, so we highly recommend you check our seed pattern list.

Karambit Black Pearl Skin Pattern Guide

All Karambit Doppler Black Pearl Pattern Seeds (Total 40)

  1. Paint seed (0-250)
    • 9, 19, 24, 39, 60, 66, 79, 167, 224
  2. Paint seed (251-500)
    • 271, 303, 318, 333, 386, 432, 448, 456, 463
  3. Paint seed (501-750)
    • 527, 540, 545, 555, 565, 567, 612, 644, 694, 708, 713, 722, 734
  4. Paint seed (751-1000)
    • 760, 765, 767, 785, 850, 956, 968, 990, 992

Why Are Karambit Black Pearls So Expensive?

People generally assume that the Karambit Black Pearl is far more common than by looking at the number of seeds listed above. In reality, there is a 4.0% chance an unboxed Karambit Doppler will have the Black Pearl pattern. The Karambit Black Pearl is about three times rarer than the Karambit Ruby!

The Black Pearl pattern is scarce and a must-have for many high-tier skin collectors. Unfortunately, all this demand has led to the price of this rare pattern skyrocketing to record highs.

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We hope you enjoyed our Karambit Doppler’s Black Pearl pattern guide. Feel free to ask questions or post a trade in the comments below.

4 Replies to “Karambit Doppler Black Pearl Guide | Best Seeds”

  • Daniel says:

    I opened a BP from box in game.
    Covert Knife
    Factory New
    Finished Style: Anodized Multicolored
    Finished Catalog:854
    Pattern Template: 623
    Wear Rating: 0.009099373

    Very stoked on this!! Deezedoesit steam account name.

  • Daniel says:

    I am an owner of a black pearl knife. Unboxed two days ago.


  • vaNk says:

    I am not sure when this article was made however I own a karambit black pearl and the paint seed is 600 and is the only one in existence.

    • SkinLords says:

      There are many pattern seed’s that are not listed and we plan to add those missing patterns very soon! I can verify that seed 600 is indeed a genuine black pearl for the Karambit Doppler.

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