Here is our list of the most desirable blue gem pattern seeds for the Huntsman Knife Case Hardened in CS:GO. Less than fifteen of the 1,000 possible case-hardened patterns qualify as a blue gem. Due to the large size and shape of the Huntsman Knife, every blue gem seed has a fair amount of gold visible.

Best Possible Huntsman Knife Blue Gem Seed

  • Paint seed 618
Huntsman Knife Case Hardened Blue Gem Pattern Guide

All Blue Gem Seeds for the Huntsman Knife Case Hardened

  1. Paint seed 29
  2. Paint seed 248
  3. Paint seed 306
  4. Paint seed 505
  5. Paint seed 510
  6. Paint seed 618
  7. Paint seed 652
  8. Paint seed 703
  9. Paint seed 770
  10. Paint seed 798
  11. Paint seed 838

Why are Blue Gems so expensive?

The best blue gem patterns will always cost significantly more than market value because they are sought after by collectors. If you happen to unbox a case-hardened skin, the odds of it being a rank one blue gem are slim to none, often less than a one percent chance. The light blue skins may not look cool to the average player, but owning one of these rare patterns is an enormous flex to anyone who understands how expensive they are.

How much will a rank one Blue Gem cost?

There is no simple value for how much a rank one blue gem will cost since they are so uncommon, but in the past, they have sold for several hundred times their average case-hardened market value. A collector owning a Karambit Case Hardened blue gem famously declined an offer of one and a half million dollars for his beloved number one best pattern blue gem knife.

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We hope you found our guide helpful on the Huntsman Knife Case Hardened Blue Gem. Feel free to ask any questions or post a trade in the comments.

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