Adding an FPS counter to CSGO can instantly show how well your game is running. Our quick guide will show you how a simple CSGO developer console command will display your FPS in-game.

Follow the Steps Below

If you are unsure how to open the developer console in CSGO, view our quick guide.

  • Open the Developer Console
  • Type net_graph 1
    • Your FPS and several other game details will display
    • Type net_graph 0 to stop displaying this information

Lots of information will display on your screen with net_graph. Here’s an alternative method that will only display your FPS.

  • Open the Developer Console
  • Type cl_showfps 1
    • Only your FPS will display
    • Type cl_showfps 0 to stop displaying your FPS
Add FPS Counter to CSGO

We hope you enjoyed our quick guide on how to view your FPS in CSGO. Make sure to read more SkinLords guides to help you transform your gameplay.

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