Wide gap peekdowns have become essential for Rust base builders since they provide better coverage and visibility than regular Rust shooting floors. In addition, wide gap peeks are surprisingly easy to build, and they can be connected back to the main tool cupboard or a separate external TC.

What are the negatives of building wide gap peekdowns?

  • Stability can be an issue for shooting floors taller than four layers, so it is recommended to build the base on a practice server before building it on a real server.
  • Connecting wide gap peeks back to the main TC will add more steps that could be too advanced for some.
  • The additonal structures will increase the total build cost and upkeep of a base.

1. Three square foundations from the base

Find the base side where you want to add wide gap peekdowns. A base that curves and bends will be more challenging to add wide gap peekdowns than a base with a completely flat side.

Start by building outwards with three square foundations, followed by a triangle foundation. Finally, remove all the square foundations and leave the triangle foundation.

Rust Wide Gap Peaks - 3 Squares Out
2. Creating the perfect gap

Build back towards the base with triangle foundations until there is a triangle next to the base. Remove all triangles other than the one next to the base. The remaining triangle foundation should be upgraded to its final form.

Rust Wide Gap Peaks Half Moon Triangles
3. Adding wall frames

Wall frames are added from the triangle foundation side furthest from the base. Other triangle foundations with wall frames may be required depending on if the peekdowns have low stability.

Wide gap peekdowns only work with square floors from the wall frames. However, triangles can be branched out from the square floors, as seen below.

Rust Wide Gap Peaks Tutorial
4. Connecting to a tool cupboard

Wide gap peeks must connect to a TC to not decay. They can connect to an external TC or link back to the main TC through a few additional steps. Multi-TC bases will have to use both techniques to connect to the base and have their own external TC.

Our design uses a combination of four triangle foundations with wall frames, a square, and a final triangle foundation for the TC.

  • Rust Wide Gap peaks Connected External TC Tutorial

If you decide to stray away from wide gap peekdowns, we recommend adding at least one anti-grief external tool cupboard to your base. The connected external TC will help increase raid costs if a player wants to grief or take over your base.

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