Any successful CSGO player knows the ins-and-outs of the in-game economy. Teams that play well with their money instantly gain a slight advantage over their opponents.

How Money Works In CSGO

Players earn different amounts of money each round depending on what occurred. Listed below are all the ways a player can earn/lose money while playing competitive mode.

Winning a Round as a Counter-Terrorist

  1. Normal Round Win: $3,250
  2. Bomb Defuse Win: $3,500

Winning a Round as a Terrorist

  1. Normal Round Win: $3,250
  2. Bomb Detonation Win: $3,500

Losing Rounds for Both Sides

  1. 1st Round: $1,400
  2. 2nd Round: $1,900
  3. 3rd Round: $2,400
  4. 4th Round: $2,900
  5. 5+ Rounds: $3,400
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General Economy

  1. Maximum Cash: $16,000
  2. Terrorist Survives Lost Round: $0
  3. Planting Bomb Reward: $300
  4. Bomb Defusal Reward: $300
  5. Teammate Kill: -$300

Kill Rewards

  1. SMG (excludes P90): $600
  2. Shotgun: $900
  3. AWP: $100
  4. Knife: $1,500
  5. Excluded Weapons: $300

CSGO Buy Strategies

Depending on the state of a match, players may call for their team to use a buying strategy. These strategies are only used when necessary

Eco Round

An eco round occurs when an entire team is short on funds, and know that their opponents have better weapons than them. No one is supposed to buy any weapons or gear, and this allows teams to be able to afford good weapons in the next round.

Full Buy

There are two points in a CSGO match where all players are supposed to full buy; the round before switching sides, and at the end of the game. A full buy is spending as much of your balance as you can because saving money for the next round is pointless.

When players switch sides their balances are wiped, making the round before switching sides a great time to full buy. If a team will lose the game if a round is lost, that too is a great time to full buy.

Force Buy

A full and force buy are easy for one to mix up, but they are different strategies. Force buying occurs when teams are low on funds but can’t afford to lose any more rounds. Rather than calling for an eco round, players skip buying head-armor and utilities and purchase a cheap rifle or SMG.

To learn more about situational buying strategies, TheWarOwl created a great video breaking down a pro-CSGO match and how players spent their money.

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