Our guide goes in-depth on every Flip Knife Fire and Ice seed for the Marble Fade in CS:GO, with expert ranking for each seed. Discover more about the Fire and Ice pattern and all its possible seeds.

Best Possible Flip Knife Fire and Ice Seed

  • Paint seed 412
Flip Knife Marble Fade Fire and Ice Pattern Guide

All Flip Knife Marble Fade Fire and Ice Pattern Seeds

  1. Rank 1 Seeds
    • 16, 146, 241, 359, 393, 541, 602, 649, 688, 701
  2. Rank 2 Seeds
    • 152, 281, 292, 344, 628, 673, 743, 777, 792, 994
  3. Rank 3 Seeds
    • 126, 129, 332, 780, 787, 874, 908, 918, 923

What is a Fire and Ice Pattern in CS:GO?

Marble Fade knives in CS:GO are known to have very few rare patterns. The ‘Fire and Ice’ pattern is the most widely known rare pattern for the Marble Fade. This pattern has only the colors red and blue on the knife blade, so it is fair to give it the name ‘Fire and Ice.’

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We hope you enjoyed our Flip Knife Marble Fade’s Fire and Ice pattern guide. Feel free to ask questions or post a trade in the comments below.

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